Romance Nightmares

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Romance isn't enough for Emily Jones...even if she does have friends to protect her. But she thought she would have a natural life...not including...him.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011





The sun cast a fantastic glow over the horizon. Horses were running free on the healthy grass, their hooves making a perfect sound as they glided through the dawn.

Emily Jones looked at her watch. It was 8:30 and she was running late for school. Grabbing her backpack off the couch, she lunged out the door and walked into the fresh, hot air, tugging at her rolled-up sleeves.

Her feet (locked against her brown boots) paddled against the pavement ever so gently as the clock tolled. 8:45. She was in so much trouble--


Emily felt her back lurch backward, her eyes closed as the impact on her back slammed her against the concrete--her face solid with no emotion but pain. The boy that had crashed into her had fell backward too from them running into each other.

"Ugh!" said the boy, picking up his fallen pile of books. He looked up and saw Emily. "I'm sorry--I'm so clumsy, I swear, I get it from my father--he crashes into everything--sorry, sorry! I'm truly sorry--I'll do anything!"

"It's fine." Emily insisted, helping the boy pile up the books. After she looked up, she noticed the boys' face. He looked a lot like her Uncle Dyllon.

The boy looked back at her. His dirty-blonde hair was pressed up against his face, sweaty. "I have to go or else I'll be late for school and I'll need another Bath of Shame." He shivered.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

The day continued like any other, but Emily, sitting in her regular desk in middle school, found herself staring at the boy.

She looked down at her feet. Her shoes were untied. Giving a little curse under her breath, she leaned down and tied a knot--

"Miss Jones?" asked the teacher. "What're you doing?"

The cold stare that was given to Emily by her teacher was surprisingly peculiar, as if she was being watched by thousands of cameras. She lowered her head, focusing on the doodle she had started already. The hair of the strange boy she didn't even know was tousled, just like his, and his eyes were covered by glasses, yet again, just like his. Emily lowered her head more, smiling at the portrait of the boy she didn't even know...

"Hey," said Galen York, lowering his glance to Emily, so steady...she had forgotten about her other friend. "What are you doodling?" he looked closer at the portrait. "Some weird-looking kid?"

Galen had sharp features, since he was fourteen-years-old (as old as Emily), his face had grown more sharper through the years. He had piercing ice blue eyes that couldn't have been read even if he was a book, sadly. His thoughts were like a bears' trap. "Nothing." Emily replied instantly. "I'm just a tad bit bored, that's all."




Galen's friend had crossed the line.

All he knew was that his friend, Emily Jones, was doodling pictures of him now, which made him clench his fists in fear that he would start dating her...but that wouldn't be possible...James wouldn't just jump to girls like that...he had known him for so long...but Galen's bone were much fear ran inside of him...

"Galen," whispered James as they walked out of school, "come here."

Following James in a dark alleyway, Galen knew this wouldn't be a great idea. His hands grasped the pepper spray he had in his bag.

Galen looked in his friends' eyes. He saw his face shining back in James' green, perfect eyes...and all Galen had was freckled skin and ice blue eyes that were as annoying as two panda bears staring at each other and didn't do anything to entertain whatsoever.

"Look," said James, taking out a rose and spinning it. "I was keeping this for personal use, y'know, putting it on my grandfather's grave." James gave the rose another twirl through his long fingers. "But I'm thinking about giving it to Emily."

Galen gave a short glare to him, but he lowered his head and bit his lip. He knew this was going to happen. He was replaced by a know-it-all stupid girl hog.

"Sure." Galen said. "It's a fantastic gift to a girl before you were deciding to put it on a dead person's grave."

James shot him a cold look. "It's not my fault that my mother and father make enough money to not even almost pay our house bills."

"Alright," said Galen. "Do it. Give the stupid flower to her." He kicked a trash can and it fell over with a surprisingly loud echo in the alleyway.

James strode past him, pushing Galen to the side.

Galen's body went limp. He felt his eyes stinging with tears as he thought of his memories with they were vanished, gone...he knew he was a goner after James would come into the picture.

It's Emily's fault. Galen thought. If she wouldn't have noticed James sooner then I wouldn't have been her friend in the first place.

Falling to his knees, Galen picked up a petal that had fallen off the rose...the only memory he had of Emily now that James would steal her...his feelings for Emily...gone...just like the memories...

Galen put the fallen petal in his pocket and cupped his hands over his eyes, sniffling.




Stupid Galen, always getting in the way.

James kept his mind clear of his "friend". He walked up to Emily, nervous, his stomach flying around crazy as he felt himself getting dizzy with love.

He pushed the flowers into Emily's hand. Puzzled, the girl looked up at James. "What is this?" she asked.

"A sweet token of how much I care about you." James explained happily. "I love you, Emily..."

"Look, James," she said harshly, putting the rose back into his hand. "I don't love you, okay?" She walked away, her notebook leaving the mark of the portrait of him. Liar. James thought in his head. He glared at Emily and turned her around hard, her eyes looking into his sharply, panicked.

"You love me," he said harshly to her. "Look at the doodle."

Emily looked down, noticing her mistake. "I don't care about you anymore. I saw what happened in the alleyway."

James put his hand up, ready to smack her, but he felt himself being kicked in the back. He went limp and fell to the ground. He knew Galen had come.

"Abusing is all on your mind, huh, James?" Galen spat. "I've got news to you. Lay a hand on Emily and you're dead."

"Too late for that," said James, grinning. He grabbed a small pole that had been lying on the ground and smacked it across Galen's face. He heard an echoing sound and the boy fell, crumbling to the ground.

Emily clenched her fists and James collapsed, feeling the impact on her fists.


He left them alone for the rest of their lives, knowing that if he screwed up with them again, he would die.





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