Stolen Apple

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One time in Africa, a monkey stole my apple and I wanted to take it back.

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012




Stolen apple

June 2007, Botswana

We spent weeks cuddled in sleeping bags, sleeping in tents on the cold African floor. For a few nights however, we were blessed with an opportunity to stay in a 5-Star African hotel! It was like none other! All the rooms were open, no window or doors, but it sure was beautiful! J

One morning, I was sitting, enjoying my breakfast with my dear friend Vayle. We were sitting in the breakfast hall, which was much like a wide open deck with a straw roof. We were enjoying some fresh fruit and other delicious treats. I happened to grab and apple as a part of my meal. I had my apple sitting on the corner of our table which was placed along the side of the railing. As we were eating our breakfast, we noticed some cute little monkeys playing in the trees just out from the deck which we were sitting.

The moneys became quite comical to us as they continued to play and got closer and closer. Soon enough, the monkeys were right under the deck looking up. We noticed that those weren’t just cute monkeys, they were rather big beasts! Within a few monkeys the monkeys were climbing up the deck and one sat perched on the railing which we were sitting at.

I kid you not; this monkey literally sat two feet away from me. He looked me in the eyes then looked at my apple. Looked me in the eyes again, looked back at my apple. Once more this darn little monkey looked straight into my eyes then reached out and grabbed my apple off of our table and scurried down the deck1 Without delay he returned to the tree and enjoyed my apple as the other monkeys began screaming in jealous!

I was enraged! I looked right at Vayle and said, ‘I can’t believe that monkey just stole my apple!” Everyone surrounding us was in an uproar at the hilariousness of the scene the just saw. More daring than I, Vayle looked at me and said, “come on, we’re pulling that darn monkey’s tail!” I giggled because I thought she was kidding but I quickly realized how determined and ready she was to set out and pull that monkey’s tail.

We ventured down the steps from the deck and walked in the middle of the trees which the monkeys called home. We passed numerous signs saying: Do not Taunt Monkeys! Caution: monkeys can be dangerous, Stay away from Monkeys! Etc… I began to get a little nervous but Vayle was quite determined!

She marched on up to the tree which the thief monkey sat! We stood there and looked up, it was then when I got a sudden vision! All I could think about was a monkey hopping on my back and pulling my pony tail as I ran around! I hesitantly looked over my shoulder! GUESS WHAT I SAW! GO AHEAD GUESS!

Two stinking Monkeys standing behind us! I was able to sputter out the following, “Umm Vayle, maybe we should run…” Vayle turned around and simultaneously we began to run around the tree which we were standing under. The moneys were chasing us and screaming! We planned to dart for the stairs to the deck but in our hustle, Vayle lost her shoe! She turned around to get it even though I screamed forget it!

It seemed to me the monkeys were howling in laughter as we were sweating in panic! It seemed like hours but was merely a few minutes! Then, hotel managers came out with slingshots and rocks and began slinging rocks at these howling pests! They all scurried up into the trees and Vayle retrieved her shoe. Everyone on the deck clapped and laughed at our efforts.

One thing is for sure, the monkeys won that battle and I’m in no hurry to have a rematch! :)

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