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I wrote a short story in pieces, and all of the pages are unorganized, meaning I can't find the whole thing. So here is one of them, and when I find the entire thing, I will add it.

Submitted: March 14, 2008

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Submitted: March 14, 2008



"Although it was the last thing she ever wanted, she could not deny the fact that she truly, honestly, hated him. He was the personification of pain; all of her mistakes and misery molded into a monstrous clown. She stared at the ground trying to appear blank. They were of course fooled; after all, it is not difficult to deceive the self absorbed and simple minded. Her hate was screaming to be set free; an ocean tide rising higher and higher, closer and closer. When she could stand it no longer, she slipped off of the stage and out of the show. No one noticed because she was more of a ghost than her lover himself. The angel collapsed with the overwhelming burning sensation of her suppressed tears. Every time she held them back, they burned into his heart painfully without mercy; drops of acid which produced the dreaded crimson water. He felt all of her pain, and was burdened with his fatal mistake. There was nothing he could do. She broke down in a heap on the floor of her bunker, her tower, her safe place. The angel erupted in tears knowing full well that he was what she needed, but the spell was in effect forever and there was nothing he could do. He could only comfort her in the vaguest ways. If only he had realized the prophecy earlier, if only he had known what was to come, he thought. He held her hand and kissed her tear-stained eyes. The spell would last forever, but would allow such acts to ensure that she was trapped in her world and not attempting to join his. They both were to be made miserable, but she was to endure the most pain for them both. The angel had to watch the little ghost princess fade away in her love and pain; watch her suffer, because he was the one who triggered the spell. She awoke the next morning feeling cold and strange. The angel slammed against the wall in distress. She would never know or believe it happened, and today her suffering would start all over again while he remained trapped in the spider's web helpless and useless." 

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