Wolves Rule

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In this chapter: you find out about Zina, and her family's past. Also you find out about what her and her family and what they possess, they are very different from a normal one. Along the way Zina, will have to fight between the light and the dark, to stay the way she is now.
Will she turn to light or to dark or will she stay the same??

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




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If I make the main character (Zina) sound a bit whiny I am very sorry she is not meant to sound like that at all, later on she we hopefully not sound so whiny again sorry.

In this chapter: you find out about Zina, and her family past. Also you find out about what her and her family and what they possess, they are very different from a normal one.


Wolves Rule


My name is Zina, and I am very different from everyone else. I am a shape-shifter but I can only change into a wolf so I’m not really a shape-shifter, I have a pack but we don't really have a name, yet anyway.

In the pack there is my sisters and my twin (Misaki (my twin), Rebecca, Zoe and Kirstie), my brother (Stephen), my mother, step dad and all of my brother and my sisters mates (Emma, Ste and James.) I have a mate but I haven't told my family yet, his name is Seth. I have known him for a few weeks now, in some of the packs there are not so many people who can turn into different animals like Meerkat, Elephants, Birds, and Monkeys but they are very rare, and luck for our pack we have one and it is Rebecca who has this special power, and she can turn into a monkey, which is not ok because she flings dung every where lucky us ay.

There is also another power our animals have, which we can turn to the dark or to the light side at any time of our existence, if we turn to the dark side, we turn fully black, and if turn to the light side we turn fully white, but if we do not turn to any side we stay our normal colour. At first we are grey until we have turn 5, by which our behaviour starts to kick in, the bad news is if we are both black and white with hints of grey we will start to turn at any point in our life, which I do not like about this curse, because of my and my twins markings.

I am fully black with white all on my stomach with a grey areas on the tips of my ears and tail and my twin has the same markings as me. When my pack and I are human we have this tattoo or markings, (which ever you prefer really) it is our wolf (form) with our colours of our wolf, we have this tattoo when were 13. the tattoo is placed on our right hand side shoulder. I will get mine soon in 3 months so is my twin (Misaki), I am getting abit scared because my sister (Misaki) asked everyone if it would hurt to get the mark of our pack. Which they all replied it stung just like a hornet or a bee but they mostly said a hornet, because they hurt more then a bee, which I didn't like at all.

My mother told me not to be worried, that they are just playing around, but I think that she is just saying that so, me and Misaki won't worry about it, but I am. I bet this all sounds very childish, and you probably think that I'm a baby just for thinking that it. I have never trusted any of my family because they made me believe in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas, and because I believed in them I have never been able to believe them again, well apart from all of them telling me about of what I am, a shape-shifter, I never used to believe in them but I do now. It's funny because everything I believed in wasn't true, but everything I didn't believe in is really true.

But never mind all that, you may think that my family is unique, but it really isn't the only thing is were shape-shifters so that’s the only real difference between us and another (normal) family. But then again what is normal, no family is a normal family, they always have a problem even if the family it self can not see it. I am only just realizing that normal families, only exist in movies and on television but even some of them have a problem.

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