No Rules Aloud Part 2

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Sequel to No Rules Aloud

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No Rules Aloud Part 2 Eric's gone and I have to find him. I stand up and run out the control room and I start shouting Eric's name not caring that Ty might hear me. I run into ever room that's in the building and still I can't find him. Then I get to the very last room. I open the door and walk in. The light are on they're bright. It looks like someone's been living here. I hear voices and I start out in a jog. The voices start to get louder as I get closer to a door. I get to the door and I quickly open it. And a sense of relief fills me. I found Eric. But he's sitting next to the guy I ran into earlier. \"Eric! What are doing with this man.\" Eric looks up at me and smiles. \"Rosie!\" \"Eric, why did you leave when I specifically told you not to leave the control room?\" \"Um he came up to the control room and saw me and he said he wouldn't hurt me.\" \"Come on. Lets go Eric.\" He says goodbye to the man and walks over to me and takes my hand. We both walk out of the room and out the main door. When we get about ten feet away from the warehouse I stop walking causing Eric to stop too. \"Eric. Who was that man you were talking too?\" \"Oh, his name is Dex. It's short for Dexter. He lives in the warehouse. He's nineteen. That's all I know about him\" \"Eric can you do me a favor? Stay away from him ok? He doesn't seem safe.\" He nods. I take his hand again and we both walk back to the apartment. I lift him to the ladder and he climbs up then, I climb up and we both go inside. I walk over to the fridge and grab a water and I walk over to the couch and sit down. \"Eric, I almost forgot. I have something for you.\" I walk over and hand his the backpack from his house. \" I got a few things for you when I was at your house\" He opens it and his face lights up. \"You got some of my clothes and action figures! Thank you Rosie!\" He walks over to me and hugs me. I hesitate but then I hug him back. It's been a while since anyone's hugged me. I look over at the clock and it's 8:30. I look down at Eric and say,\"hey, how about you wash up. You look filthy.\" He just smiles and takes his backpack and walks into the bathroom and closes the door. Then a seconds later I hear the water start to run. I lean my head back and look up at the ceiling. I close my eyes and start thinking about what it was like before the laws were destroyed. Peaceful. Safe. Then I start thinking of the day Ty will always regret. It was two days after the laws were destroyed and me and Ty were sitting on the same tree branch we always sat on. He looked pale and he was sweating even though it was cold. He said he couldn't take it anymore and then he started laughing like a crazy man. Then he pinned me against the tree branch and took out his knife and put on my stomach and he slit my stomach. He said something before I passed out that I will never forget,\" Rosie, one day I'll find you and then I'll finish you off with a slow painful death.\" I open my eyes and its pitch black. I stand up and walk into my room and I see Eric sleeping peacefully. I walk back into the main room. After a few minutes I start to hear a tapping sound. I grab my gun and turn around I see a dark figure looking at me through the window. I'm about to scream when I realize who it is. It's that man from the warehouse. I walk over to the window and open it. The first thing I say is,\"How did you find us?\" He steps in through the window and inside. He just looks at me and finally says,\"Where's Eric?\" \"You stay away from Eric. Now answer my question. How did you find us?\" \"I followed you.\" I shiver at the thought of him following us. \"Get out and stay away.\" \"Please. I need a place to stay.\" \"I said get out. There's no place for you here. And don't you go back to the warehouse Dexter.\" He frowns and says,\"Don't call me that. It's Dex. And how do you know my name?\" \"Eric told me only what he knows. So I only your name and age.\" \"So you wish to know more ok. Well there's not much to tell. My parents died when I was six and so I went to live with my uncle in the warehouse and he died the day the laws were destroyed. So there you go. What about you?\" I want him to lead so bad so I figure if I tell him about me he'll lead so I say,\"I'm telling the basic information. My name is Rosie and I'm seventeen. Now leave. Or I'll make you leave.\" He looks hurt from my words which good. Hopefully he'll stay away. \"Fine.\", he says in a firm voice. He walks over to the window and goes out. I go the window and close and lock it. I walk back over to the couch and lay down and fall back asleep. I have very strange dream. I'm on the beach walking in he warm sand. Someone's next to me. I look over and see Dex. He looks at me and says,\"You can trust me. I'll protect you and Eric. Just believe.\" He kisses my forehead and then disappears. I slowly open my eyes. It's light out by I still feel exhausted. I get up and walk into my room and see Eric still sleeping. I walk over to the dresser and get jeans and a shirt. I walk into the bathroom and change. I walk over to the coat rack and put on my trench coat. I find a piece of paper and a pen and write Eric a note saying where I'm going and what I'll be back. I walk over to the window and open it and step outside. I go down all the stairs and down the ladder. I don't where to go but I just need to get out of the house. I start walking in a random direction. I've been walking for about ten minutes and I notice I'm walking towards the warehouse. I take a left turn and I run into someone. I look up and I'm looking at Ty. \"Ty. Wha-....what are you doing here?\" \"I'm not leaving this state without you Rosie. So I saw you talking to that man in the warehouse. Stay away from him, he's dangerous and about what I did. I really am sorry. I was crazy for hurting you. I'll never forgive myself for what I did. I'm so so sooo sorry.\" \"It'll take time to forgive you but...for right now I'll cut you some slack.\" His lights up and he smiles the biggest smile and says,\"really? Thank you Rosie! I'll try real hard to be good!\" He gives me a quick hug and runs off. My heart skips a beat. It's been years since we've talked. I start walking again but this time I'm in a part of town I don't know very well. I pull out my gun and get it ready. No ones outside but I get a bad feeling. I feel someone touch my shoulder and I swing around with my gun in their face. I realize who it is and my gun lowers a little. \"Are you following me?\" \"You fascinate me Rosie.\"says Dex \"So you are? What do you want this time?\" \"I just want to hang out with you. And please I need a place to stay.\" \"No! Look I don't trust you and I don't care if Eric does. You stay away. Just go aw-\" \"Dex?\",says a familiar voice I look over and see Eric standing there without a coat on shivering. \"Eric, what are you doing out here its freezing.\" \"I'm fine. What are you doing Dex?\" \"Just talking to your Rosie.\"says Dex with a slight smile on his face I walk over to Eric and take off my coat and put it on him. \"Come on Eric lets take you home.\"I say. \"Wait, can Dex come with us? Please.\" \"Fine.\" \"Yay! Come on Dex follow us.\" All three of us start walking back to the apartment. After walking for ten minutes I start to feel uneasy. I pull out my gun and get it ready to shoot. \"Rose, what's wrong? it him?\"Eric asked in a shaky tone. \"I think so. Eric keep in my sight.\" He doesn't respond back. I look behind me and he's gone. \"Eric!\" I look over and I see Eric being pulled away with his mouth covered by some man. \"Stay away from him!\" I run after the man and when I get owe enough he pulls out a gun and puts it against Eric's head. \"No! Please don't!\"I shout. I fall to my knees, my heart about to burst. The only words I manage to say are,\"Please don't hurt him, I'll do anything just please don't hurt him.\" \"Don't touch her.\" I turn around and I see Dex with his gun out pointed to the man. I look back over at the man he lets the boy go and then walks over to me. He looks down at me and says,\"I'll let the boy live if you give me all your weapons and you come with me.\" I think for a minute. If I give what he wants he'll let Eric live. So I say,\"ok.\" \"No! I won't allow that!\",says Dex. He starts running towards the man but I feel the man grab my arm and start to pull me toward him but then his grip loosens. I turn around and look down and the man is laying there without his head. I look around and the mans head is about three feet away. I look back up and right before me, putting their sword back in its sheath is,\"Tyler.\", I say in a whisper. He looks up at me with those green eyes and smiles. He walks over to me and puts a hand on my cheek. I just stand there frozen. \"I was in a house nearby looking for some supplies and I heard the commotion and I went to check it out. Then, I saw you and I knew I had to help.\"says Ty with a gentle tone in his voice. I see him stiffen and look up. I turn around and see Eric running towards me and Dex walking toward us. \"Rosie, stay away from him. He's bad.\", says Eric while running to me and hugging me. \"You said yourself he's dangerous.\", says Dex. I look up at him and glare. \"No one asked for you opinion.\",I hiss. I look down at Eric and say,\"I need to get you back. It's getting late.\" I look back up and look at Ty and Dex and say,\"Both of you go home. And please stay away.\" I look only at Ty now and say,\"Thank you, but just because you saved me this one time doesn't mean I forgive you for what you did.\" I take Eric's hand and we both walk back to the apartment. Once we get in side I tell Eric to go shower. I sit on the couch and try to figure out why Ty is trying to redeem himself. Last time I saw him he was going crazy and he almost killed me. Has he finally gotten over the fact that we will no longer have rights and we will always have to fight for out lives? Then, it hits me. He's doing this because he's in love with me. Well, love is too strong of a word but be has deep feelings for me. I can't believe this. I think the reason why Ty killed Eric's parents was because he was still a little crazy and now he's not anymore. I think when he saw me after all this time he understood what kept him from going I hear the bathroom door open and I see Eric come out wearing pajamas and with wet hair. He looks at me and smiles. He walks over to me and sits down next to me. He looks up at me with those icy eyes and says,\"Rose, why don't you like Dex?\" \"I just don't trust him. Something about him I don't trust.\" He just chuckles and says,\"That's the lamest excuse ever. I see the way he looks at you.\" \"And since when did you become the match making expert?\" \"Hey, I'm the Mayor's son. Every girl in school loved me.\" I just laugh. \"Eric, have you ever thought the reason why Ty killed your parents was because he was crazy?\" \"It still doesn't matter. I will never forgive him for what he did.\" \"I said that once before that I think about it he was just crazy and now he's not. I think I might be starting to forgive him.\" \"What? You can't!\" \"Eric, it's too late to be yelling. You should go get some rest.\" He just looks at me for a few seconds and then Walks to my room and turns off the lights and gets in to bed. I go and turn off the lights in the main room and just stand there in the darkness for a little bit. I walk over to the window and open it and step outside. I sit down on the platform and stare at the full moon. After a little while I feel a hand on my shoulder and I'm about to scream when a hand is put on my mouth. I reach for me gun but I left it inside. Then I hear a voice say,\"it's ok. It's just me.\" I turn around and see big green eyes looking at me. He takes his hand off my mouth and smirks and says,\"still jumpy I see.\" \"Of course Im be jumpy. It's not all the time a hand is on my mouth in the middle of the night.\" Ty scoots over next to me and looks at me and says,\"Why are you outside in the middle of November with no coat on?\" \"I'm fine. I'm not cold.\" \"Lier. I can see you shivering.\" I see him take off his leather jacket and wrap it around me. I look up at him and say,\"thanks. Ty, there's something I NEED to ask you.\" He looks at me says,\"Ok. Ask me anything.\" \"Why did you do it? Why did you kill his parents?\" I see his face go pale and him stiffen. \"I....I don't really know. I guess I was still going crazy over the laws being destroyed. I don't really remember anything that night. But I do remember his dad begging for his life. I just felt this pure rage over powering me. Like I couldn't control myself. And a few days after I was starting to become sane again, his death was the first thing I remembered. And on that day I swore that I would never forgive myself for what I did and I understand if you'll never forgive me for that and for that other thing. But like I said Rosie, I will always find you.\" He cups my face in his hands and says,\"you're my one and only.\" Then, he stands up and walks down the stairs and down the ladder and runs off into the darkness. I notice he forgot his coat. I'll give it back to him the next time I see him. I take the coat and step back inside and I close the window. I walk over to the couch and lay down. I cover myself with his jacket. It smells just like him. Then, I drift off into sleep. I have no dreams that night. I wake up with the sun shining right in my face. I get up and walk over to the window and pull the shade down. I walk over to my room and open the door and Eric's gone. On the bed is a piece of paper. I walk over to the bed and take the note and read it. It says that he went to visit Dex at the warehouse. I go over to my dressed and get a pair of jeans, a cami and a white turtleneck and I change into the outfit. I go and put on my boots and put on the Ty's jacket. I go to the window and open it and step outside. I go down all the stairs and the ladder. I start walking to the warehouse and this time I didn't forget my gun.

Ch.3 I finally get to the warehouse. I open the door and step inside. I walk up the stairs and start walking to the same room that Dex took him last time. I hear someone walking behind and I spin around. I see Ty walking up to me smiling. \"What are doing here Tyler?\"I ask very curiously \"I saw you walking here I thought I would accompany you. I don't trust that guy. The way he looks at you, I don't like it.\" \"Well I can take care of myself, but thank you for your concern.\" I turn around and walk to the door of the room and I knock. I hear the doorknob turn and see Eric open it. I give him that look like he's in trouble. \"Heh. I'm sorry Rosie but, he's my only friend I have besides you. Please let me stay a little longer. Pretty please Rosie.\" \"Fine you can stay a little longer, but have Dex bring you home in a few hours.\" He hugs me says,\"Oh thank you Rosie! I promise I'll be home soon.\" He lets go of me and I walk back out of the room. I start walking out of the corridor when I hear someone come in instep with me. I look over see those glowing green eyes even in the dark. \"I thought you left.\"I say,\"What are you still doing here?\" \"I had to make sure you were safe. I don't trust that guy. Even if I don't know him I don't know him there's something about him I don't trust.\" I remember what I was suppose to do when I saw Ty again. \"Oh. Here's your jacket.\" \"Nah, you keep it. It looks better on you.\" We finally get to the entrance. He looks at me and smiles. He puts his hand on my cheek and says,\"My Rosie.\" He puts his hand down and walks off. I just stand there for a few minutes dazed. I walk back to the apartment and just sit on the couch staring at the wall. Why am I acting like this? I can't forgive him this easily. He has to work to earn my trust back. I mean I think I should trust that Dex guy more than Tyler. I'm going crazy. After about two hours I hear two people walking up the for escape. Then, I hear the window and I turn around and see Eric and Dex. I see Eric look up at me and smile. I also see Dex give me a slight nod. I walk over to Eric and say,\"So, Eric did you have a fun time hangin out with Dex?\" He nods excitedly and says,\"uh huh. Yeah. Dex taught me some more combat skills. Now I can take anyone on. Even you.\" I smirk and say,\"So you think.\" I look at Dex and say,\"Thank you. If it weren't for you. Eric would be all alone with no friends. So...thank you.\" He does a slight smile and says,\"Sure. I mean you're welcome.\" He looks at Eric and says,\"See you around kiddo.\" He ruffles Eric's hair and walks out of the window and down the fire escape stairs. Eric looks at me and says,\"I'm hungry.\" \"Ok. So you want me to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?\" He nods and says,\"Yes please. Uh and some pickles too.\" I walk over to the fridge and get out the jelly and pickles. I walk over to the cabinet and get out the peanut butter and a plate. I make the sandwich and put the pickles on the side and give it to Eric. I go sit back down on the couch. Tyler is right. I think Dex has feelings for me. I do seethe way he looks at me. Like he would do anything for me. His eyes always have affection and trust care in them when he looks at me. He seems like a good person, but I don't know him that well. All I know is that he's only a couple years older than me and he lives in a warehouse. But why does he care so much about Eric. I mean he's just a kid. I'm the one who takes care of Eric not Dex. I need to know why he cares so much about Eric. I stand up and look at Eric and say,\"I need to run an errand. Will you be ok here by yourself?\" He nods and says,\"Yeah, I'm fine. And thank you for the sandwich and pickles. I really appreciate it.\" I smile and walk over to the window and open it. I step outside and go down the stairs and ladder. I walk to the warehouse in a rush. I walk inside and up the stairs. I see Dex in the control room doing something so I walk over to the entrance to the control room and step inside. \"Why do you care so much about him?\" He doesn't even flinch. He just turns around to look at me and says,\"What?\" \"Eric. Why do you care a out him so much?\" \"What kind of question is that?\" \"One you should answer.\" He does a a slight smile showing some of his really white teeth.\"Because it's the only way I can see you.\" My heart starts racing.\" I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight, but when I first saw you it was like I finally understood why I exist. I exist so I can be with you and look at you everyday.\" I just stand there not believing what my ears are telling me. I walks over to me and looks down at me. \"You are the one Rosie. The one I need to live and breath everyday.\" I shake my head not wanton to hear this. If Ty saw us right now he would go crazy. I shake my head backing away.\"No. No, I'm not the one. I can't be. This isn't happening. I don't WANT to be the one. I don't want to be yours.\" Right before I run off I see pain and hurt in his eyes then I say,\"I'm sorry but I don't want this.\" I turn around and run out of the warehouse. As I'm running back to the apartment I something run last me and I watch as the object runs by. Then, I run into something hard. I look up and I'm looking into bright green eyes. \"Ty.\", I say. His face looks worried and he says,\"Rosie, what's wrong? You look terrified.\" I shake my head and say,\"It's nothing. I'm fine.\" I lean into him and hug him. Feeling safe in his arms. I feel him hesitate and then hugs me. \"I need to get you home. Eric'll be worried sick about you.\" I nod and we both walk back to the apartment. We both step inside through the window. I see come into the main room out of my room. He stop and glares at Tyler.\"What is he doing here?\" \"Eric, it's ok. He's perfectly safe.\" He just looks at him for a few more minutes and then walks back into my room and closes the door. Both Tyler and I walk over to the couch and sit down. \"I should get going you look really tired.\" \"No, don't leave. Just stay here a little longer.\" He nods. I lay against him and slowly drift into sleep. I don't have any dreams that night. I wake up to the sound of rain hitting the window. When I'm fully awake I realize that Tyler's gone. He must've left when I fell asleep. I walk into my room and see Eric's gone. He must've gone to go see Dex. I grab a pair of jeans and a red short sleeved t-shirt and change into them. I go and put on my boots and Ty's jacket. I step outside just as I see Ty running up the stairs. I notice he looks scared. \"Ty, what's wrong?\" \"He's coming to town. President Ergo is coming to town.\" Ch.4

No! This can't be happening. He can kill anyone he wants. We have to leave the state. \"We could leave. Eric, you and me. We could all leave the state go somewhere else.\" He smiles and says,\"That's the greatest idea I've heard so far.\" I in back into the apartment and grab a luggage case from the closet and start packing all my close. I hear someone behind me. I turn around see Ty looking at me with those beautiful green eyes. \"Can you start packing Eric's things?\" He nods and gets Eric's bag and starts packing all of Eric's things. I turn back around and finish packing my things. I take the luggage case and set it on the couch. I walk over to Ty and,\" I'm going to go get Eric.\" He turns around and says,\"I'll come with you. That Dex guy seems dangerous.\" \"I'll be fine. I'll be back.\" \"How can I be sure.\" After so many years I look at him straight in the eyes and smiles and then I kiss him. After so long I feel complete. I feel pure passion for him. He is my one and only. I pull back and turn around and walk over to the window. I step outside the window and walk down the stairs and ladder. Then, I run to the warehouse. I walk inside and go to the same room. I knock and this time Dex answers the door. \"Where is he? Eric!\",I yell. I see Eric coming running out of a different and he walks over to me and asks,\"Rosie, what are doing here so early?\" \"I came to come and get you because we're leaving. Something bad has happened and we need to leave. So come on.\" \"But-\" I don't let him finish. I grab his hand we both walk out of the warehouse run to the apartment. When we get there a black Mustang is sitting there Tyler leaning against it. We walk over to him. \"Where did you find this?\" \"I've had it. Ok come on let's go.\" I look down at Eric and say,\"Eric, get in the back.\" He nods and gets in the back. I walk over to the passenger side and get while Tyler gets in on the drivers side. He starts the car and starts driving. \"R-Rosie will you please tell me where we're going.\" I look back and say,\"Tyler came to me and told me something. He said that President Ergo is coming to town. He's a very dangerous man and well I couldn't just stay there and put your life at risk.\" \"But why does he have to come?\" \"Because,Eric, I wanted him to come.\" He just looks away from and looks out the window. I turn back around and look ahead. \"Don't worry Rosie. It'll be ok. He'll warm and then he'll love me.\" I smile and feel him grab my hand. I feel the warmth of his skin. After about four hours of riding I look over at Ty and notice he's starting to look tired so I say,\"Why don't you let my dive for a while and you get some rest.\" \"I'm perfectly fine.\", he says. \"Please. For me.\" He sighs and says,\"Fine.\" He pulls into an empty parking lot and we both get out and walk to the opposite sides of the car and get back in. I press the gas pedal and we start driving again. I look over and see that Tyler is still awake. I look back at the road and say,\"So where exactly are we going?\" \"Washington state, so that way if we need to we can go to Canada.\" \"Good idea. Now go to sleep.\" I see him smile and then close his eyes and fall asleep. I keep driving and after a while I notice a car following us. It's Dex. I look over at Ty who's still sleeping and I nudge him. He opens his eyes and looks at me.\"Dex is following us. I think he's been following us for a while,but neither one of us has noticed.\" \"What? Dex is following us? Can we stop? I want to ride with him. Please Rosie stop the car.\" \"No, Eric, you're riding with us.\" \"But...I don't want to ride with you. I want to ride with Dex. So stop the freaking car!\" \"Eric! Enough! I'm the one who takes care of you not him! So you listen to me! Now when I say no that NO! Why do you even want to be near him?\" \"Because he's my brother!\" I slam on the brakes and turn around and ask,\"What did you just say?\" \"I said he's my brother. He lied about his parents dying. My parents put him up for adoption because they weren't ready to have a child. After I was born they wanted him back but he had a family that he loved. And when I met that day at the warehouse he told me that I was his brother.\" It all makes sense now. Eric always wanting to see him. Dex always asking where Eric is. Dex was just trying to keep him safe. I feel completely stupid right now. “O-oh. Eric I'm so sorry.” “It's fine. Can we just keep going.” I nod. I put the car in drive and keep driving. About four hours later its pitch black out. I'm pretty sure we're close to the border. We get to a small looking town that looks like it managed to stay in business after everything happened. I pull up to a nice looking motel. “We can stay here for the night.” I hear a car door shut and see Dex walk past. I get out and so does everyone else. Dex and Eric end up sharing a room and I end up sharing a room with Ty. I walk out of the bathroom and see Ty . . . laying there . . . shirtless. I start to feel the heat rise up my neck. I act like it doesn't bother me and sit on the bed. He takes my hand and kisses it. I lay down next to him and turn my head toward him. I take in all his features. His black, brown hair and emerald green eyes. His perfect lips and perfect skin. I scoot as close to him as I can and lay my head in his chest. I can't believe what I'm doing, but it feels like the right thing. I look up at him and rest my hand on his cheek. His puts his hand on top of mine and runs his thumb on the back of my hand. Before I can realize what I'm saying I say it,“I love you.” I move my head to his and kiss him. I feel the heat and electricity between us. I tangle my fingers in his hair. I feel his hand go up my calf past my thigh and it stops at my hip for a second then his hand goes up my shirt a little and stops at my lower back. We both pull back for air, but I don't want to stop. When we kissed it felt like nothing changed. Like we didn't have to worry everyday about how to survive. Everything was just perfect. “Don't stop.”, I gasp out. “We have a long trip tomorrow. We need some rest.” He pulls up the covers and turns off the light. I rest my head on his chest again. My breathing finally goes back to normal. I close my eyes and finally fall asleep. I wake up to no one laying beside me and the sun in my eyes. Then, the blinds close and it's dark again. I feel someone lay down next to me and wrap their arm around my waist and pull me closer. I feel warm lips press against my cheek and someone say,“Good morning.” I smile and say,“Hi.” I feel his bare skin press against me. “We should get ready to leave.”, I say. I climb out of bed, grab some clothes, walk into the bathroom and change. When I walk out the light is on and Ty is already changed. I grab my bag and walk outside and put my bag in the trunk. I turn around and see Dex putting his bag and Eric's bag in his trunk. He glances at me and walks past me. I'm just about to walk back inside when I see Eric walk out. He sees me and waves. He walks over to me and says,“ So where to next?” “I'm not sure.” Ty and Dex walk out of there rooms. Dex has Eric get in his car and Dex gets in and starts the car. I look at Ty and smile. He smiles back ad says,“I'll drive.” We both get in the car and drive off with Dex following. We're about two hours into the when I see it. The president's limo. I look straight ahead as it passes by. I look in the rearview mirror and see the limo turn around and follow behind Dex. Dex pulls off to the side the road and stops. “Pull over.”, I say. We pull over and get out the car. President Ergo get out of the limo and strides over. He has shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes and a dazzling smile. I see Dex say something to Eric and gets out of the car. “You folks lost? I seen you drivin' on a deserted road so I turned around to see if y'all needed some help.” I never realized how thick his southern accent was until now. “No, we're not lost, but thank you for your concern.”, I say trying not to stutter and let my voice shake. He looks at me and walks over. He puts his hand under my chin lifts my head so out eyes would meet. “My my. You are prettiest thing I ever did see. What's your name little lady?” I jerk my face away.“My name's Rosie.” \"Oh, she's feisty too.” Ty steps in front of me and says,“Well we appreciate your concern, but we better get going.” President Ergo steps forward and says,“Now now what's the rush?”, He looks down at me,“How about you come and live with me?” Ty's face gets firm. “You can go to hell first before you even think about touching her.”, says Ty. “Ah, so she your girl. Well then.” Before I know it the president grabs my arm and pulls me to him and has his guards shove me into the limo. I look out the out the back window and see Ty getting tackles by the guards and Dex shouting at the president. Ergo just turns around and gets inside the limo and the guarded to of Ty and they get in the front and the limo drives off. I turn around. “Now it'll be alright. You're safer with me anyway.” He puts his hand on my leg. I jerk away and move as close to the other window as I can. “You'll get use to me little lady. I have a gorgeous house nearby that I'm sure you'll like.” About a half an hour later the limo pulls into a long driveway that leads to a huge house that has tall pillars holding the roof up. Ergo takes my hand and leads to the stairs of the house. I doorman open the glass door and bowing his head to Ergo. “I hope like it here because this is wear you'll be stayin'” I say nothing a just glare at him. He takes me up this spiraling stairwell and leads to a long hallway with a bunch of door. He leads me to the door at the very end of the hallway. He opens the door and has me walk inside. The room is huge. The carpet is white so are the walls and the door and the bed. “This is your room. I hope you like it.” I turn and look at him and say,“They'll find me and when they you'll wish you never took me in the first place.” I gives me that dazzling smile and says,“You keep tellin' yourself that darlin'” He walks out of the room closing the door behind him. Ty will come for me . . . I hope. Ch. 5

The past four weeks have been agonizing. Everyday I walk out onto the balcony and look at the stars thinking that whoever he is, Ty is looking at the same ones. I've grown use to Ergo. He tells me to call him Alexander, but I still call him Ergo. Every now and then he would kiss me on the cheek, my neck, my hands . . . my lips. Anywhere that isn't covered. He calls me his “little lady” I hate it. I'm in the dinning room picking at my dinner. The the long circular table is glass and the legs are painted gold and the glass chandelier hangs above. Ergo is right across from me. His hand reaches across the table and lays on mine. He looks at me after drinking some red wine and asks,“What's wrong darlin'? You seem so down. Usually you eat you food.” He's right I do usually eat my food, but today feels weird. Today feels different like something might happen. A little bit if hope still lingers within me. Something inside me knows that Ty will still come for me. I push my plate away and stand up. Just as I'm about to walk back to my room he grabs my arm. “You alright?” I put on a fake smile.“Never better.” “Alright. Come here for a second.” I turn around to face him. He looks at me like really looks at me. He takes his hand off my arm and puts it on the back of my neck. He pulls me to him. He puts my lips to his and he kisses me. His kisses are fierce and forceful. The kiss is hard and I don't like it. I jerk back and glare at him. I turn around and walk to my room. I remember the first time I was scared of Ergo. I've been staying here for about a week and a half. I was about to fall asleep when I heard the door click open. I tensed up. I saw Ergo walk into the room and only wearing boxers. I slid into bed next to me and put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I was so terrified that I was for sure he could hear my heart pounding. He started to kiss me on my cheek then down my neck and on my collar bone. “My Rosie.”, he murmured. It reminded me so much of Ty. Before I got taken he would always call me his. And still till this my heart still yearns for him. That night I lay in bed still dressed with the balcony doors open letting in cold air. My eyes start to get heavy, but just as I give into sleep I hear something outside. Then, as I listen harder I hear some rustling as well . I get up and walk onto the balcony and look around. At first I don't see anything, but I then I see a figure. My heart stops. My breathing quickens and my chest starts to ache. It's Tyler. “Tyler!”, I whisper loudly. He stops and looks up at me. He walks over. “Come on. Tie some sheets together and climb down.” I nod. I run back inside and gather up some sheets and tie them together. I tie one of the sheets to the headboard of the bed hoping it won't move. Just as I'm climbing down I see Ergo walk in and his eyes go wide when he sees me. I quickly finish climbing down. I hear Ergo yell to the guards,“Go after her! And don't come back until you got her!” Ty grabs my hand and runs into the woods forcing me to follow. “Where are we going?” “Back to Eric and Dex.” After about a half an hour of running we finally get to a road and I see Dex's car and Ty's car and Dex and Eric standing there. “Get in the car!”, Ty shouts. Dex and Eric scramble into the car and me and Ty get in the other and both cars drive off. I gasp for air and ask,“So, where to next?” “We should find a good town and find a good place to stay. Maybe lay low for a while.” “Sounds good.” I lay my head against the window and close my eyes and drift off into sleep. I'm in a room with gray walls and a hard concrete floor. I look around and there's only one window. I look out the window and is sunny and everything looks peaceful. It looks like it did before everything happened. I look around again and there's a door. I walk out and see Ty standing there. “Ty.”, I say He turns around and he holds his hand out to me. “Come with me.”, he whispers. I'm just about to take his hand when I hear a loud BANG. His body falls to the ground with warm sticky blood gushing from his forehead. I scream and ear piercing scream. No, this can't be happening. Please, let it be a dream. I'm awakened with someone shaking me. I open my eyes and look around. I see Ty looking at me. I take a breath of relief. It was just a dream. “We found a good town. And we also found a vacant house to stay in for a while.” I nod. “Ok.” We both get out. Eric runs up to me and hugs me. “I was worried about you, Rosie. I missed you.” I smile and ruffle his hair.“I missed you too.” He yawns. “Why don't you get some rest. You look tired.”, I say. He nods and walks back to Dex. Dex leads him inside. Ty takes me inside and leads me upstairs. There's a question I need to ask him, but I can't bring myself to ask him. Why didn't he come for me earlier? I start to feel angry that he didn't come earlier. I feel pure rage now. We reach a room at the end of the hallway. We walk in and it looks like any ordinary bedroom. The walls are white with a bed that has nothing but black in it. Black sheets, black pillows, and a black comforter. Ty turns around and looks at me and I guess I looked mad because he asked,“What's wrong?” \"Nothing.”, I snap back. He flinch as I raised my arm to hit him. As I say the words I feel sorry. “Oh. . .” “I'm sorry, Ty. It just that. . .”, I struggle to find the right words. “It's just what, Rosie?”, he asks in a soft voice. “It's just that why didn't you come for me earlier?” He doesn't respond back. He just looks down at the floor. He sighs and looks at me. “The reason why I didn't come quicker was because we had to come up with a good plan. Eric wanted to come really bad and Dex and I told him he couldn't no and so he got mad. Then, Dex started to argue with me saying that he should rescue you because he claims he's quieter and faster, but I told that you're not his and I said I would look for you.” “It took you FOUR weeks to come up with a plan? That long? Tell me the truth. What really took you so long?” “I'm serious Rosie! Dex was being and ass and tried stalling me so he could look for you!”, he snaps. I flinch at his yelling. I turn around and start to walk out when Ty grabs my arms and pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me. “I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you.”, he says in a gentle quiet voice. We stand like that in complete silence for awhile. “I'm sorry. It's just that when you didn't come right away I thought you didn't WANT to come after me.” He cups my face in his hands and has me look him straight in the and says,“Don't you remember? I said I will always find you. Whether I want to or not I will always find you.” He lowers his head and kisses me. I've missed his kisses for so long. His kisses are soft and gentle and not forceful. I love him so much. He kisses me and little longer and pulls back. I don't want him to stop. “You said we could some other day. Can today be that day?” He smiles and kisses me and then puts me on the bed.

Ch. 6

We've been living in the same house for about half a year now. The town is better than the one we use to live in. Eric spends most if his time outside in the backyard because we found out there's a trampoline out there. I spend most of my time inside and outside. Ty is always by my side. Dex has become edgy and has a really short tempered. He's always in his room with the door closed. I'm outside walking in the woods alone. Ty had to go to town and get supplies. I hear a snap and I spin around, but I see nothing. I continue walking. I don't know why I'm out in the woods I just needed to get outside. I another and I turn around and ask,“Who's there?” Dex comes out from behind a tree. His presence surprises me. I wasn't expecting it to be him. He looks up from the ground to me. He has dark circles under his eyes like he hasn't slept in a while. His eyes look cold and angry. I look at him curiously and ask,“Dex, are you ok?” He steps closer to me and says kind of hysterically,“Of course I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?” He's starting to scare me. The way he talks . . . it's scary. He laughs and says,“Im tired of this, Rosie. I wish everything was back to normal. I wish everything was at peace.” He moves even closer to me.“I love you, Rosie. I've always loved you. On that day when we met I couldn't get you off my mind. The way you looked, acted, smelled. I couldn't get any of that off my mind. Ever since that day I knew I wanted to be with you.” As he keeps talking he gets more and more hysterical. Pacing back and forth eyes getting wide and his voice rising and then finally his voice goes down to a simple whisper. He stops talking and looks at me and walks over to me and grabs my arms tightly. He looks at me directly in and the eyes and next this I know he's kissing my. The kiss is hard, forceful, and hungry. I try to push him away, but he won't let go. I step back and fall backwards with Dex landing on top of me. He pulls back and we both gasp for air. He smirks and kisses me again. I to push him off, but he's too heavy. One of my hands managed to get free and I frantically search for something to get him off. Then, I remember my gun. I pull out my gun and point it and pull the trigger. His whole body goes limp. I roll him off of me and he's clutching his stomach and gasping for air. His shirt is drenched with blood. Dark and warm. He looks at me with sadness in his eyes. “I just wanted to . . .” He coughs.“To know what it was like to kiss you before I died. I knew I would . . . I would get shot, but I wasn't expecting it to be . . . to be . . . you.” His eyes roll back in his head and close and he breaths out his last breath. I scream horrified of what I've done. I hear a stick snap and I quickly grab my gun and put it away. Eric comes into view and his eyes go wide with shock. “Dex!”, he yells. He runs and kneels next to him shaking him and telling him to wake up. A few minutes later Ty comes walking over to us. He walks over to me and sits and I just burry my face into him and let the tears fall. He rubs my back and rocks me back and forth trying to calm me down.he helps my stand up and he walks over to Eric. Eric doesn't move. Ty picks up Eric and grabs my hand and we all walk back to the house. That night I lay there replaying what happened earlier that day. I look at Ty. Him laying on my stomach with his arm wrapped around me and me running my fingers through his hair. He looks so peaceful. I look up at the the ceiling and that's when I finally admit it to myself: I killed Dex.

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