A Tale of Twin Vampires

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Before Emmett was changed by Rosalie, they were really great friends. Then they hooked up and Rosalie got pregnant. Then Emmett was shocked and went on a hike alone and the bear mauled him and Rosailie found him and changed him.

The Volutri have no idea about the twins though, as they don't even know who the twins or they exsist. But what happens if somehow they find out? Would that change the Cullen family forever?

I do not own Twilight! I just had a weird dream with me and my best friend and Rosalie and Emmett were are parents...so I wanted to write it because I thought it was good!

Please comment!! Anyone can, even if your not a memeber please comment!! I want to know what your REALLY think about it really tell the truth I can take it!!!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, 10 years ago Carlisle's POV: I was in the kitchen with Esme and Edward. I had my arms wrapped around ... Read Chapter

Before I start this chapter, I would like to dedicate the second chapter to ShaunaLeigh, for all her hard work and effort that she p... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Jessie's POV: If you walked into this room right now, with my family and I, you would feel the tension hit you, and yo... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 Jessie's POV: Megan and I sat in out room as we looked at each other. We didn't know what to do. We we... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Rosalie's POV: I sat on Emmett's lap as we sat on our bed in our humongous bedroom... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Megan's POV: I woke up and the first thing I did was check my cell phone for any messages or missed calls from Taylo... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Jessie's POV: I looked at dad and sighed. I just finished opening all of my presents. And it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Jessie's POV: A cold hand touch my forehead. It felt good, that's all I know. I was hot. I couldn't think at all.... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: Megan's POV: Scream. 1...2... Scream. 1...2...3... Scream. I rolled my eyes and shook my... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Rosalie's POV: I finally looked up. Emmett has begging me to see my beautiful face for the past twenty minute... Read Chapter

Chapter 11: Jessie's POV: It's been three hours and twenty-seven minutes since we've been in the woods. Since we left home. It'... Read Chapter

Chapter 12: Megan's POV: I walked into the woods with a big smile on my face. I heard the leaves crunching and I opened m... Read Chapter

Chapter 13: Rosalie's POV: Carlisle forced me to go home from the woods. When I say forced I mean forced. I wouldn't leave so h... Read Chapter

Chapter 14: Carlisle's POV: I didn't see this coming. My twelve year old granddaughters just got raped. The twins both ... Read Chapter

Before Istart this chapter I would like to dedicate this chapter to an amazing friend of mine, Melissa Alburney. She is an amazing pers... Read Chapter

Chapter 16: Jessie's POV: When I awoke I was the only one in the room. The bed to the left of me was tightly mad with no one... Read Chapter

Chapter 17: Megan's POV: "It would be nice to know who I am right? Carlisle tried to persuade me. I nodded. It was t... Read Chapter

Chapter 18: Megan's POV: It's been three days since my rape. My memory was gained to me with Grandpa's therapy. I have gain... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 Jessie's POV: I looked up the stairs at Megan. Tears streamed down my face. I can't believe she called me center o... Read Chapter

Your turn my lovely Violet. This chapter is for you! I love you girlie and I am speechless of how good your writing is. In a good way of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21: Megan's POV: I stand over the sink, gripping it tightly. I took the pregnancy test because I didn't want G... Read Chapter

Chapter 22: Jessie's POV: My sister, pregnant. She is pregnant with a baby. And you know how get go pregnant? By the guy ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23: Megan's POV: I wasn't ready. What was wrong with Grandpa? He actually thought I would be ready to give birth in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24: Jessie's POV: I skipped through the forest looking satisfied as ever. It was sprinkling but I still looked ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 25: Rosalie's POV: "Aah!" I heard Megan scream. "Daddy!" I as in the living room in a flash along with every... Read Chapter

Chapter 26: Megan's POV: "Dillan Lee" I smiled. He was perfect. There is nothing I want to change about him. His blond... Read Chapter

Chapter 27: Megan's POV: JEYDON BROWN. JEYDON BROWN. JEYDON BROWN. His name flashed on the screen in front... Read Chapter

Chapter 28: Jessie's POV: Bang. Bang. Bang. "Jessie, you have five seconds to get your little butt up, unlock this d... Read Chapter

Chapter 29: Jessie's POV: I skipped through the woods, satisfied. I have now did the same thing as my sister. It is the fir... Read Chapter

Chapter 30: Rosalie's POV: I groaned in frustration. Jessie, once again, tried to sneak away. Well I shouldn't say tried, b... Read Chapter

Chapter 31: Rosalie's POV: I looked at Tally. She looked familiar, I just don't know from where. She was by the wind... Read Chapter

Chapter 32: Jessie’s POV:       I was not going to tell anyone about what happened last night. He t... Read Chapter