How Depression Feels

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I wrote this for no complete reason, so if you think I'm going threw something, I'm not but thanks for worrying!!! :)

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



Please help me
I don't know what to do
I am standing in a room
I can hear voices around me.

There yelling at me
I can't understand them
So I ignore them
For a while.

Now I see a bench
I approach
And sit down
Waiting for him

Then I feel a tap
On my shoulder
I turn to my right
And there he is.

He is a man
With long brown hair
A little wavy at the ends
As he smiles at me and sits down.

I am talking to him
He's asking me all there questions
Too fast that I can't answer them
Then he's quiet.

All of a sudden
A note landed on my lap
It's from my best friend
Asking me what's wrong.

I look around the room
To find something to write with
But there was nothing
Just a bench, him, and I.

So I took the paper
And ran it on my finger
Blood going everywhere
Now I can write.

So I did
But I couldn't see what I was writing
I think I wrote

At least I think I did
So I threw the note the direction it came
Hoping she would get it
Able to read it.

I knew he saw the note
But I don't care
Because I know
He can and will help me.

So I was talking to him again
Telling him what I was going through
He just nodded when I spoke
Then the note came back.

I opened it
Reading it carefully
Every detail
I ran against my finger again.

But this time I wrote
and threw it in the direction it came in
Hoping she would understand.

So him and I talked
About my problem
And what I should do
The not comes back.

All I do is
Crumble it up
And throw it in the opoisite direction
So I could finish talkking to him.

He stands up
And rans away
I plede him not to
But it was to late.

As you may know
I am in depression
and all I have to say is
Please help me.

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