One Heart- Two Loves

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Poem I wrote not to long ago about two of my best friends.

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



Note to readers! Ok this poem is about two guys I really really really like and I want to know if you had to pick on of them which one would you pick?? If your a boy I don't care please still answer, pretend that your a girl or something. It won't affect me now, it's done and over with.

Two beautiful guys stand in front of me.
Which one shall I choose?
They Look at me with smiles on their faces,
Waiting for me to choose.
beautiful green eyes and curly black hair
such an athlete as he has the tallness
but he is bad with relationships
handsome dark brown hair and brown eyes
also an athlete, with mad pitching skills
as he as never been in a relationship.

Which one shall I choose?
Both of them like me as I do to them.
They both like the things I do
as we have the same personality
A love triangle
is what we have
They both are sweet
But we have our ups and downs
Luke always lies to me about his relationships
and breaks promises
But he down have a sweet side
that I adore.
Jerod is scared to admit he likes me.
As all we do to talk is through email.
We don't even go to the same school
but we go back since we were little.

Luke always is a jerk to me in person,
or when around friend.
But so sweet when it comes to texts
as he seems like the one.
And Jerod just "wants to be friends" in emails
but when he sees me his eyes light up
and when we hold hands at the fair
he seems like the one.
Jerod's the one I know it,
but when I see Luke walk in the hallways
My heart skips a beat
as he smiles at me.
Then I think Luke is the one
but when I check me emails at home
and one from Jerod that says "Hey beautiful"
I think he is the one
Which one should I choose?
Which one is better for me?
I don't know
as they stand in front of me.
Ok so now you know a little about them and to you which one seems better for me?? I want your honest opinion so please tell me what to think, and I can't wait to see what you say!!

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