god's love for me

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no... this is not fake, this is how i accepted god into my heart. so read and please dont judge me......

Submitted: December 30, 2010

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Submitted: December 30, 2010



You know sometimes when you are sitting in church,
alone away from every body, not listening to any thing but an I-Pod,
not even once thinking of setting a foot to walk up to the alter to pray?

Well. That was me.

I never once thought I would acctually listen to the preacher preach,
or the singers sing or to the teachers teach,
because I was the loner, the kid who was long fogotten.

I would sit there and stare into blank nothingness,
wonder how i was going to keep comming back
to church because it was boring,
how every one seemed to hate me.

Well apperently thats not true..... let me give you a little of my story...


" Why dont you wear a dress today? You look so pretty in a dress."
  my mom said.
" Why dont you wear one and stop bugging me." I told her,
 just waiting for her to yell or somthing in that catagory.
 But she just walks out the door, not bothering because it was a loosing battle
 she wouldn't win, and she knew that.

A we drove the little way to the church, my dad( the deckin )
was talking about how we were going to have a good revivel tonight.
He was talking about who was going to be there and other stuff.

So as 2 of the night of church progressed, I still sat by myself,
 but on the 3'rd night the preech called onto every one and he said,

" If you would , I would like thoes who have found god in their hearts to stand."
 the ones who were saved stood and began to sing.

And as I was sitting there with my head hung low, I felt a hand on my sholder,
and I sat there for a moment while the precher talked,

" Is your heart right with god? Are you saved?
 Can you stand and say my heart is right with god?" he was asking,
and I had to say no to all, but as I sat there, I thought that
if i dont get my heart right with god im going to go to hell no doubt about it.
 i sinned like there was no tomarrow.

And I realized I was willing to give it all up for god. The almighty king.

I stood, walked to the alter, got down on my knees.......

and prayed god would save me.....
and fogive me of my sinns.....

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