I Can't See Straight

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The title I Can't See Straight was inspired by how I feel when my parents yell at me because I beg and I scream but in the end I usually just can't see straight I may sound like a whiney brat but I guess I can't help the fact that I feel unwanted. All the same I hope you enjoy the poem.
~Kenna =)

Submitted: June 21, 2009

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Submitted: June 21, 2009



I Can't See Straight

He yells and he screams

And I beg oh Daddy please

But inside I feel like i'm boiling

My heart toiling

I can't see straight

I feel as if i've come to my fait

I scream and I yell

And if only I could tell

How I really feel

And make him a deal

I cry in my shirt

If only I could hide my hurt

He says i'm a baby

And I think maybe

I can escape to my grandma's house

Where I would'nt feel like such a louse

I scream at him i'm going away

But he tells me I have to stay

Now what can I do

I want to stay true

to myself

If only I could get help

But my family needs him

I'm kind of on a limb

I guess I will suffer throughout

Untill i'm old enough to get out

Hey guys I know i'm not the best poem but I needed to get it out sorry to unload it on you and sorry about raining onyour fun parade if I did. The pic that goes with this poem looks like me that's why I used it.

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