My friend Jessie

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My story is about a little girl and her friend named Jessie. Jessie was killed by an over-abusive mother. But her friend, Hannah Ackerson, lives to tell the story. Jessie’s mom may be locked up, but the memories of this sweet girl and her tragic death will live on forever in the hearts of others. This story was inspired by Concrete Angel a song by Martina McBride. It will hopefully touch your heart as it touches mine while reading it.

Submitted: October 01, 2009

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Submitted: October 01, 2009




Kendra Hancock
Period 3
Three page essay

September 21, 2009

My Friend Jessie
Jessie was one of my best friends. We met in second grade.We both understood our problems. And we helped each other fix them.We did homework together; we hung out together people used to say that we were not just best friends, but sisters. But that all changed in a day. Jessie is gone. But she will forever live in the hearts of others. My name is Hannah Ackerson and I am here to tell you what happened to her and why.
Jessie was someone you could never label as ordinary.She always smiled wherever she went. No matter how many bruises she had she always carried a smile. But I guess I should tell you about Jessie’s problems. Her mom was abusive and her Dad got a divorce. She loved her Dad and wanted to tell him but her mom threatened to hurt her dog, Lacey, if she ever told anyone.So she was stuck.She told me though because she said “someone needed to know”. So I was stuck with our dirty little secret not fun right? Ok why don’t I start from the beginning…
One day I was walking home from school and I bumped into a girl. I was not a very nice person then. “HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!” I yelled at the girl.Her name was Jessica. Everyone knew her. They called her black and blue. We figured she had gotten into fights with an older sibling or something. But we had never imagined what truly was happening to her. “I’m sorry” she whispered in what sounded like a lost tone. “You’d better be” I sniffed and picked up and left. All throughout dinner that night I could not seem to get that girl out of my mind. “Eat your cake Banana” my dad teased using his pet name for me.

my dad teased using his pet name for me. As I started eating I decided right there and then I WOULD find out what’s really wrong with that girl.

As I was walking to school that day the girl, Jessica, walked past me. “Hey wait up!!!!” I yelled at her and ran up next to her. “Yes” she said quieter than yesterday. “What’s your problem” I asked her. “Not to be mean or anything but I just don’t get you”. “You aren’t good with words are you” she smiled and looked up at me. “Well I try” I smiled back. Her face than turned serious again. “If I tell you, you must promise not to tell anyone”. “Pinky Promise” I swore linking our fingers. “Now spill” I laughed and she did. She told me everything.

We walked to school in silence. I had never heard such a sad story. “Well let’s get to class” Jessica said breaking the silence. “Oh and by the way” she said “call me Jessie”. For the first time in a long time I smiled a real smile. I had a friend, a real friend someone that could trust me with her deepest secret. “I will NOT tell anyone” I promised myself firmly. Then I walked into the classroom feeling greatest I had in a long time. “Why are you late Ms. Ackerson?” Of course Mrs. Raymond had to spoil the Joy.

“I ummmmm was… Helping a girl… sort out some problems?” I said hoping the excuse would work. “Fine but next time you are late it’s a call to your parents” she said sternly. I breathed a sigh of relief and went to sit downI didn’t even try to pay attention. I had so many questions I needed to ask Jessie. So many answers that I did not know. “Hannah what is the capital of Arizona?” Ms. Raymond asked. Me being in second grade I did not know much about capitals, or even states for that matter. “Uh, San Diego” I said sheepishly. That earned me a warning look from the teacher and an eruption of laughter from the class. I only picked that city because that was where my dad’s last business trip was. I gave a sigh of relief when the lunch bell rang. “Yeshhhhh saved by the bell” I laughed quietly to myself. And I walked to lunch.

Jessie was sitting alone with her lunch out on the soccer field. I went and plopped down beside her. “Man today so far has stunk” I laughed. “Same here” she smiled. “I have a strong feeling I failed Mr. Willis’s pop quiz. All at once my friends appeared. “Why are YOU hanging out with Black and Blue?” Jasmine a really stuck up girl asked. I could tell that name and what Jasmine said had really hurt Jessie’s feelings. “I’m hanging with my totally awesome new best friend” I answered coolly. “Come on guys leave Jessica alone” a nice guy named Brian said and sat down beside us. Jasmine stuck up her nose and left. The other girls gave the three of us sympathetic looks and walked off. “Hi” Jessie said quietly to Brian. “Hi” he smiled back. “If you want you can call me Jessie” she said to him. I smiled and laid back on the grass. I smiled because I knew that this was all going to work out.

As we were walking home that day I laughed and teased Jessie. “So you like Brian?” I asked her. “NOOOOOOO!” she protested. “Ooooh Brian” I laughed chasing her down the sidewalk. “Hey not fair you’re a runner” she said when I caught her. As we were laughing I heard this horrid scream “JESSICA!!” said the scream. “That would be my mom” she said quietly. “I’d ask you to sleep over but I don’t think your mom would let you. “She doesn’t care where I go so I will take any invitation to go somewhere else. Then I saw this lady walk out of the house the scream came from. The lady started running at us. “RUN!!!” Jessie screamed.

We ran all the way to my house. There we had so much fun. I had never seen her so happy. So for all these years it worked out. Until our 13th birthday. That is a day I will never forget. It was possibly the worst day of my life. The last day I ever saw Jessie.

It was March 15th, 2006, my favorite day in the whole world. My birthday of course! I was sooo exited. Today I got to give Jessie her birthday present. It was something she had always wanted. A chew toy for Lacey. She had always wanted one for her but if you could guess she didn’t have the money for one.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” she yelled at me when we met at the front of my house.


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