I know what you did .

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The story is about a girl who murdered her own sister because she was jealous of her.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



There was once a girl named Jessica . She was 16 years old , had long blonde hair , a gorgeous face & body , and who was very popular at school.

Her older sister Tracy was very different;; She was 18 years old. Still in 12th Grade. wasnt very pretty and only had a few friends. she was sick of Jessica getting all the attention. She was sick of her getting great grades. And most of all she was sick of thier parents (and everyone else) treating Jessica better.

So one day when Tracy was washing the dishes she got an idea;; "maybe if Jessica was gone , everyone would love me more..." she said quietly. "But how am i going to make her vanish? ..i can kill her..yes thats it. but not with a knife or gun or anything because that will leave prints."

So instead later that night while Jessica was fishing alone , Tracy snuck up behind her and threw her in the water. She tried to get out but Tracy was much stronger then her so she held her down , until she couldnt breathe . When she knew Jessica was dead she let her go , and ran screaming in the house "MOM ,DAD !! I JUST SAW JESSICA JUMP IN THE VERY DEEP WATER! SHE NEEDS HELP!"

Thier parents ran as fast as they could but it was too late. She was dead. They called the police , but since she was in the water the police couldnt get any evidence. later that night Tracy knew she had to cover up the fact that she did it so she wrote a fake suicide not that she said was from Jessica and showed it to to police.

Months later , when they still couldnt find any evidence they gave up , and decided she did kill herself.  So they planned a funeral for Jessica , and decided it would be that following week.

At the funeral when everyone was sitting down Tray's dad whispered to her "I know what you did. We have camrea's outside where the water is. I knew you wanted to be the center of attention and finnaly have it yur way so i didnt say anything...I thought you would see what you did was very wrong and come clean to the police , but you didnt...so now you have to pay."


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