An unforgettable achievement that I have conquered in my life as a kid.

I have already achieved many things in my life such as walking, talking, running and even more but there is one achievement that I cherished the most. I put a lot of effort into it with blood, sweat and tears. I really practiced it almost everyday and finally when I was eight years old, I mastered it.

A lot of people learn fast and I do too but riding a bicycle was always a problem for me. I first learnt to ride a bicycle when I was around three to four years old. I remembered that it was my birthday back then and my parents bought me a bike. I quickly ran towards it and observed it with both caution and curiosity, wondering what it was, this contraption with two wheels and a helmet. My mother put the helmet on me and my curiosity flared. Next, my father carried me and placed me gently on the seat and I fell down suddenly. I cried hysterically until the party ended.

The next day, I dared not even touch it and avoided it as far as possible, until I saw some little changes. Instead of it having two wheels, now it had four wheels. I was a little bit more reassured to go near it and use it but I had rather not. I heard my mother coming down the steps and she noticed that I was looking at it and once again she helped me wear the helmet and set me down on it. I tried moving my leg a little and the bicycle started moving slower than a snail, yet my mother encouraged me and clapped her hands as if it was the happiest day of he life.

As I grew up, I never got tired using it until one day, I went to the garage and saw my bicycle was now with two wheels again. I tried using it and it was impossible. I tried many times and kept falling. I got bruises all over my legs but kept trying as riding it was super fun. My father came out of the blue and stopped me from riding it. He helped me put on some cream to my leg.

I thanked my father and went to search for information on how to use a bicycle properly on the website. I found out a lot and even learn a few tips. I started trying and off I went! I moved faster than usual though. I was feeling so good with myself that I did not pay close attention to the pathway and ran into a piece of rock and toppled down. My left leg scraped on the ground and it hurt. I screamed at the top of my lungs and my parents heard it and saw me lying on the ground. I never wanted to ride it anymore. However, when I was eight years old, I nailed it.

Submitted: May 11, 2014

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