Gender equallity is now practiced due to the society.

Many people say that life is not fair but I finally can prove that life is actually fair. Last time, female are not treated as equally as male but time has changed and now we respect both gender the same way. _________________________ The jobs that men or women do is one of the example that makes both equal. For female, as you know, most of the famous author is mainly female like Veronica Roth(Divergent Trilogy), Suzanne Collins(The Hunger Games Trilogy), Stephanie Meyer(Twilight Saga), J.K Rowling(Harry Potter Series) and many more. There are also very popular male author like Mitch Albom(Tuesday With Morrie), Rick Riordian(Percy Jackson Series) and more. Personally, I think that the female authors are much more well-known. _________________________ Being a secretary is usually a female things because they can multi-task easily and do administrative work. They can handle this work very well as they have this motherly figure or even instinct that helps them a lot in this job. It does not requires a lot of thinking or problem solving but your language or the way you speak will definitely comes in handy. I think that most of the people who take this job are women and rarely men. _________________________ There are also many important jobs in the world that is mostly applicable for male. Being a prime minister of a country is one of them. Most prime minister in the world is male but from my own knowledge, I know that there is one female prime minister in Thailand. It is actually very rare to find female as a prime minister. I would say that it is not their cup of tea. _________________________ Doctors, surgeons and dentists are mainly males too... I would not say that no female ever had this job as my regular dentist is a female. It is not really common for female to have these kind of extreme jobs that requires you to see blood , cutting parts open and much, much more disgusting stuff. I would say maybe 80% of the job consist of male. _________________________ Looking at these view, I realized a pattern going on. Ultimately, female are better in their Languages and History while male are better in Sciences and Mathematics. The world is actually not a really bad place to live. It is actually fair but sometimes things get bad for a while and you have to think of a way to fix it. There are always help around you. Your parents, siblings, friends or even neighbors. Do not let one thing screw you up for your whole, entire life. Act accordingly to what you have to do.

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