When a friend gets hurt, you will not feel great at all.

My friend is a person who likes to help people and solve other people's problem . He then realized how people have been using him and taking advantages of him to do something that they are supposed to do. And when it is his turn who needs help, they neglected him or give him bad answers in the end. When they asked a question, he gave them the best answer and share his views on it so that he make sure that they understand. When they asked him to do something, he do it without complaining even if it is tedious. All the nice things that he did to them was helpful but what did he get? Nothing. Nothing but them showing attitude. He was hoping that they will pay back on what they owed him and he really wished for that to happen. I really hate this kind of selfish people who only benefit and care about themselves. Why can't they put themselves in his shoe and see how difficult and terrible life is for him. I hope that this people will one day be selfless and think of others.

Submitted: May 11, 2014

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