No Such Things As Happy Endings

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Just read and you will understand.

Submitted: October 29, 2008

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Submitted: October 29, 2008



I dont know why you did this to me

We were perfect together, couldn't you see?

Now here I am, crying alone,

Waiting for you to phone

me, to tell me its alright,

to forget about the awful fight

we had. You didn't call, and I ended up crying through the night.

My heart is broken, torn apart,

No way to fix it, my broken heart,

I knew from the start,

That there are never happy endings,

Just hurt and sorrow, from the start.

It was your loss,

to let go of someone like me

and I hope one day you will see,

 that a girl like me,

Is what you were hoping for all along,

I hope you know that you were wrong,

to let go of me,

since i was that give who put a song

in your heart.

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