What Your Lies Did

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Just something i wrote.

Submitted: December 16, 2008

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Submitted: December 16, 2008



I’m outside, watching it rain

All the thoughts in my brain,

Making me go insane

The rain soaks me all the way to my skin

Making me think about all the arguments I did win

But not his one, so you had to run

Without me by you side

All because you lied

I’m all alone, no one to hold

And to watch me cry

As every day passes, I feel like I could die

Why did you leave me here? Why, why why?

All because you lied

Five years passed, and I’ll still all alone

Watching the phone

Still waiting, waiting, waiting, till you call

But you never did, you made me lose control and fall

Now do you see why?

All because you lied

Now I know you’ll never come

I waited for you, that was dumb

I’ll climb back on and be strong, with my head up high

But I’ll still remember you’re cruel lie

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