Love Sidelines

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Loving someone in the shadows of timidity

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011




“Hi Good morning, what can I get you?” My voice echoed in the counter. It’s 6:30 in the morning, too early for work, but we three workers need to be present in the cafe.

I need payment for the dorm and my past due pre-lim. I really need cash right now that I am willing to work extra shifts in ‘Cholet Cafe’.

“Mocha black,” he answered in an almost whisper. Even though his hair is not styled, his voice a bit dry, and pale faced, I still think he’s a striking fellow to make my whole day smile.

It’s early anyway, too early to style his gorgeous hair and I know why. Maybe he’s preparing for a big test today. I hope he’ll pass.

I tried not to shake as I punch his order. “Mocha black!” I said to Gina, the barista beside me who quickly performed her task. She flashed a slight smile that meant “Lucky girl has seen her crush” while she worked.

His name is Scott. But today, at this hour I can’t ask for his name ‘cause he’s the only customer.

I wiped the counter clean while in my peripheral vision I intently observed him. He stirred towards the waiting table and in just a couple of minutes his mocha black is in his hands.

I tried to concentrate wiping the glass display of our cafe’s pastry when I noticed that the price of his order is still flashed in the register.

“Sixty five pesos,” I stated my problem at Gina at the kitchen.

“Go over him and ask for the bill,” she solved it quickly.

“Is it his birthday that you don’t want to charge him?” Tim, the only kitchen staff, teased me.

“Alright I’ll go over and do it,”

I marched towards him; I do not want to bother him. He is reviewing for a big test today I guess. He has three books piled (namely Philippine Constitution, Sociology and Political Science) on top of the other with a perplexed and frustrated look on his face reading a thick Encyclopaedia liked.

I’m sure of it he’s a law student.

“Excuse me Sir,” I murmured. He slowly looked up to me, “I’m so sorry I forgot to charge your coffee.”

“Shoot, no I’m sorry,” He reached for his wallet in his back pocket and pulled a fresh hundred bill, “You can keep the change”

I reached for it and left.

I’m glad I am able to find work near the university. My work schedule is also appropriate for my classes.

I’m a boring, shy, never been kissed girl. But one thing that makes my life interesting is Scott.

Monday to Friday he never fails to visit the cafe. He’s always alone reading a novel or studying.

He sits in front of the cash register, second table from the door. I’m the cashier slash server and behind the counter is the perfect angle to spy on him. It makes me think that maybe just maybe we are destined to be together. ‘Well, in your dreams’ my subconscious mind crushed my dream.

Everyone in the cafe knew I like him very much. Gina told me to ask him out while Tim challenged me to befriend him. “I can’t do it,” I’d always reasoned. Or maybe it’s my excuse for not having enough confidence.

Few students want to go out the school on rainy days so customers drop big time.

I was waiting instinctively that the next customer is Scott. The chimes rang and it was Scott. He was drenched in rain; a girl appeared behind him taking off the hood of the jacket, his jacket. “I’m so wet,” she complained in a high, over acting squeaky voice. He kissed her forehead and hung his soaked navy jacket on the rack.

“Hi what can I get you? A strawberry-lemon tea is our rainy day special” I said faking a small smile.

I’ve seen that girl before, she and her friends give us a hard time every time they’re here. Gina and I call them the ‘Sosyaleras’. I hate them, they’re so horrible.

“One Belgian crepe, olive spring pasta, and .....”

I punched his order while I quickly looked at the girl. She has a mean look, a disgust she got wet when her boyfriend took her to this cosiest cafe ever.

“A mocha black coffee?” I asked.

He smiled, “Sure, mocha black. Strawberry and lemon don’t seem to be a good pair though”

“But it’s good,” I defended so I can talk to him more. “Really good,”

“Promise?” He took his wallet to pay the bill when she called him, “Scott, ice tea please,”

He nodded. “One ice tea too,”

“398” I said.

I look at them, they are perfect. Her head resting on his chest occasionally while they eat and talk. He brushes her wet bangs to the sides of her face and just laughing whatever they’re talking about. His arm encircling her petite frame while his other arm rested on her waist and they giggle and cuddle that they don’t want to eat anymore.

How happy and content they are and I wonder will I ever be that girl in his life. Though she’s a bit mean spirited, he likes her. I’m not mean but I’m usual, so forgettable.

Sides are always forgotten, people concentrate in the center. The center is the most important because it is.

I do not have a class after my Thursday work that I decided to hang out in the cafe. I’ve been so busy in the thesis that I never have time to finish reading my novel. I love the relaxed atmosphere when I can finally be the book worm that I am.

“Excuse me,” I heard, I looked and it was him. “Can I share a seat with you?”

I nodded. I piled my books and pushed my bag to the edge of the seat.

He sat down and also cracked a book open. I heard him sipped his coffee- mocha black his one and only order every day, how can I miss that.

I continued reading when he asked,”You work here don’t you? Gale, right?”

“Yes, I’ve seen you a lot”

“I’m Scott, in case I may look like someone else, you can remember me as the mocha black coffee boy.”

We laughed.

“I’m a law student and your course is?”

“Interior design,”

I was shocked he will be this friendly to me. It’s been months I’ve seen him with his girlfriend (which I later knew her name is Erin). I was so down hearted he’s taken that I never liked him much but still do.

“You always sit here, “I said shyly, “Would you like me to go to the other table?”

“No, I’m the one bothering you,” He doesn’t want me to leave when he asked again,

“Do you remember one rainy day that you offered me the strawberry-lemon tea?”

“Uhuh, cashiers and baristas have good memory”

“I regretted not taking your advice. I later learned it was actually good.”

I smiled. ‘I told you so’ I wanted to tell him but hesitated. ‘But you listened to your girlfriend’

“It’s because my girlfriend got pissed off at the rain and I want her.........”

Blur. What he said was a blur. After he mentioned the word girlfriend, my brain shut its function to analyze and comprehend what he’s saying.

I just knew that what I liked about sidelines is that no one will know I’m doing something that they might think is weird. The downside is: nobody notices the sidelines.

Whatever happens, being in sidelines is a preparation to failure.

In my case, liking someone on the sidelines prepared me for hurt.

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