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I'm sorry it took me long just to say I Love You

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011





*Please Read “The Boy Who Eats My Cookies before you read this*

I cannot fathom what is wrong with her. She just left her wedding invitation at my doorstep, and just like a snap of a finger my hope of being with her is gone.

I always loved my best friend but I never thought I could love her more than a friend.

My best friend was the kindest and prettiest I have ever been and seen in my whole life. We started talking in kindergarten and from then on we became inseparable. She was girly on the outside. She wore butterfly headbands, have two bracelets on her left wrist and her customary pink ink dominated her notebooks. But a few only knows she can kick me hard in video games, can sprint with me in the racetrack and can beat me in eating a bowl of noodles.

Yes, that’s my best friend easy going outside but hard core inside.

I know a dozen more things unique to my bestfriend.

 She’s very meticulous on how her things are properly arranged in her bag.

She never leaves the bathroom without applying lip balm.

She hates yam and caramel but loves chocolate.

She tilts her head to the left side when she’s thinking.

She points her lips when disappointed.

She always says “Hi,” when we meet

She invented the word, “Awsomest”

And I could go on and on blabbing about her characteristics and habits still I wouldn’t be the one asking her hand in marriage.


When we were in high school, I felt bad for her forshe doesn’t have someone to call a boyfriend when everybody else had one.


It hurts me every Valentines days, she didn’t receive flowers or letters. She just kept quite in the class room and pretended that Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day. I know she hopes one guy can make her heart leap, I saw it in her eyes. I hated those billion men stupid enough not to ask her for prom. Hell yeah, I would go to prom with her if I didn’t had the stupid chicken pox!

I had a girlfriend not to show off I’m better than her in the love department. I had a girlfriend because I cannot ruin her sights on the prestigious university she dreams of. I promised myself that I'll ask her to be my girlfriend after college because I don’t want to interfere.

After she graduated, I thought I can now get my chance but no, she has another dream to fulfil and that is to work in a big company.

 She lavished her time on her corporate success and I was happy she had the ability to make her dreams come true. Since she became busy, I decided I need a distraction, that’s when the series of girlfriends flooded my life.

I never loved any of my girlfriends like I love my best friend. My best friend is different, so made for me yet her dreams keep getting in our way.

Dreams wasn’t just the ones that got in the way, the perfect rigid smiling lawyer came to her life and seduced her. The lawyer probably made her drink a secret potion for her to fall in love with them. The dude is fake. I know deep inside my heart I was born to love her, to make her happy and to build a life with her and not that lawyer she’s with.

We got into a fight and I left her thinking she’s a stupid woman not to see that I’m the right man for her.

Night drinking with my buddies became a scheduled meeting for my one true love had her first boyfriend and they looked intensely serious in their relationship. I prayed they would break up in a matter of days.

Unfortunately they didn’t and it crashed my heart. I don’t even want to go to work anymore. I only wanted her to tell me her relationship is over then I'll ask her to be my girlfriend.

 “Get up you lazy bones!” Lacey, my ex girlfriend ordered me one morning.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with my eyes closed. I was tired from drinking at the bar.

“You love her right?” Lacey asked with hands on her hips.

“Who’s her?”

“You love your best friend so don’t play dumb with me.”

“She likes someone else,” I reasoned bitterly.

“Not if you take her back,”

My eyebrows raised in confusion. I cannot take her back because of my fear I cannot make her happy though ironic, I know how to make her happy.

“I know what we can do to make her yours.”

We?” I cringed.

“Yes, dumb boy, we.”

So every night after work, Lacey and I worked on the project. We built together a huge heart shaped piñata with love letters and poems inside. I aimed to give her the piñata on Friday but I found the invitation to her wedding on my door one morning.

Dead end

My best friend is starting a new life with a another man


On the wedding day, I slowly get dresses and sucked the bitterness I have. I really do not want her to see get married, but I have to because I’m her best friend.

With a heavy heart and my mind floating to a dream of having her, I crossed the street and a loud sound of horn made me look. My eyes grew wide and I rang a pang of pain.


To me best friend,

Sorry I didn’t asked you on prom

Sorry you have to stay single of most of the Valentine’s Day we shared

Sorry I hurt you by introducing my girlfriends

Sorry for being a bad friend when you needed me the most

Sorry you have to you bear this stupid piñata just to read this

Sorry it took me long just to say I Love You

Your Best friend



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