PS Melancholy

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When the one you love ignores you....

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



He stands still with eyes deep of heaven’s well

Through the hardship he was about to fell

She couldn’t mend his wounds any further

Wishing his smile would last longer


He though he can forget it quickly

The wounds he did to himself and others

Well, she seems not a bother

She kept quite not to shutter


If he had chose the truth,

Maybe he and she live life smooth

But instead followed someone a priority

Didn’t knew he spelled a calamity


Now she lives life in gloom

Never wanting her face to bloom

He kept ignoring her runic screams

Just to be farther as she seems


It’s all due to his little mistake

When he turned her night into day

He knew she hated the sun

All he could do is run


She doesn’t know how to put the story to end

While he still hopes his love can be felt

For his and her love was not truly meant

Forever in eternities hands

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