Relationship advice from the worst person ever

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rellationship advice from the worst person ever..

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



What is love?

well accually if youve come looking for advice you will find very little her. hello im ailish and im a new victim of love. i dont understand why its so hard but as a teenager i can tell you: that the little word 'IN' makes a whole load of diffrence, in this world i will tell you know U CANT BE IN LOVE. it is phsicall in fu**ing possible okay? so if you believe all that 'lovey dovey ' stuff about falling inlove at first sight.

i can tell you now- stop looking.

im not saying you cant love someone because you can, of course you can. mums love there kids, friends love each otherbut, if your 15,16,17 ect going u[p to about 27 ish. you cant be IN love as it can never be proven that two people love eachother so much that they would die together. once you getr past the whole virgin thing and relise that virginisty is basically just blood and losts of it along with a package of pain. thats whyen you can really start to trust then filth boys that dont know the meaning.

what are men?

they are children with..well..consideriung im writing this at scvhool and dont want my account being blocked....they are children, with bigger 'sausages' than they had when they where 5 yrs old.

men are children that base them selves around the idea of knockers(those things on a know what i mean)...anyway thats all they want and once they have it, it goes down hill from there..people say.''dont loose it to some one you love or you will regret it''. bit of secret advise from all knowing ailish- YOU WILL REGRET IT ANYWAY.

it is very rare for a guy tpo let u finish your buisness before he finishes his. RUDE RIGHT?

im not saying never have a relationship, i am sayiong have a relationship that will matter to you because it will get to the stage where they break up with you, you feel used, betrayed and alot more of pointless bolo*cks because to be perfectly honest at our age there will be heart break and shed loads of tears because it happens, im at that poiunt now.

yup it suck, just dont loose your friends.

if your a girl remember: SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS

and a guy: BROS BEFORE H*ES

because no person that wants to change you or make you cry is worth your time!!

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