rose for eternity

rose for eternity

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


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Chapter1 (v.1) - rose for eternity

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the begining..

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2011





Chapter 1

Don’t you remember us, me, that time I found you asleep in my room that place I realised that I'd fallen in love with you. Don’t you remember how when we first kissed I knew I was your completely but now I know that love can only happen once and im lost for the rest of eternity, I miss you but will I live with out you? Will I know how to care again when you told me we could be no more I cried but I knew that you where right we where pulling apart endlessly. When I wake every morning I tell my self I can be strong and that I can never give up not without a fight. I tell my self I can live with out those dark handsome brown eyes but I know that can never be true.

In this world lightning never strikes twice in one place

And love never strikes twice in one person

That person is me. My name is Rose and this is how my life changed.

When I first arrived in Bedford I was only two, my family was in ruins and when I say ruins I mean it. You see my mother and father where caught in a huge fire in our towns church but everyone else in the church survived except the two of them. I was always told to remember them as heroes but no one ever told me why. There bodies where never found but all I found was a necklaces that once belonged to my mother.

My life changed when I started upper school. it was my first day and my aunt was driving me there she was going on about these boring rules that I had to abide by and to tell her if I got bullied straight away “don’t forget to be good and don’t get any detentions you know your teachers will be strict”, she said in one of those motherly tones. “Yes Lauren I will be good”, I replied. She doesn’t mind me calling her Lauren, but she prefers aunt. I heard her sigh but I didnt look up as I knew id get a sturn eye.

Sometimes I feel my aunt treats me like I'm still in play school, like im 4 or something. When we arrived at Hastingsburry upper school I took a deep intake of breath as I got out the car. Before she could nag me more I put my head phones in and walked away I headed towards my first lesson. Looking at my time table and I felt a groan escape my lips.“great first day back and I have my worst lesson, maths.”, I said to my self. I found the room, room 7b block A. I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, taking in my surroundings, than I went in.

As I sat down I felt eyes on me there hair on my kneck stood up I didn't have to look round to know who it was. They where his I knew that. I was sure he was looking,so I focused my attention on my book, it was called Jane Eyre. This book made me question my life and how I believed in life death and love. About 6 kids came in together talking loudly. I scanned the room everyone had fallen quiet except the odd few who whispered, I realised these must be the 'popular' kids. They walked past my desk and the prettiest girl and probably the most popular too. This girl breezed past my desk and knocked off my book her friends looked down at me and gigged, I sighed and grabbed it. Mr Sawra came in through the door. “To your seats everybody, please”,he shouted. I scrambled back into my seat trying to be unseen and unheard by everyone. I went to my seat and quietly sat down. “OK. Today could be a bad start for most of you as this is the worst subject in maths, the cursed algebra”, there was a huge grown from the class but I perked up a bit algebra was the best subject in maths as my brain understood it.

Maths was long but not that hard. I understood everything, I knew he looked at me all lesson but I hardly noticed, I knew he wanted me to admit I still loved him but I was too busy thinking about the lesson, I knew this stuff it was so simple.

As I exited the lesson, someone pulled me out of my thoughts. It was him my love my past life it was Jake. He grabbed my elbow and threw me into a corner “what are you doing here ”, he almost screamed, “I told you we cant be close and if my ex employer doesn't do it... I will.just.stay.away”.

Chapter 2

When I heard him say that shivers went down my spine all I could think of was that summer in the Caribbean. That long scary summer, that was the year me and Jake fell apart.

I remember it so clearly, we where sat on a bench on the first day of our holiday, he'd invited me to the Caribbean with him but that day as we sat hand in hand, he told me what he was and how he became it. He told me “I love you with all my heart but we can never be together not once I tell you who I am, you will no longer love me ”, he choked the last part, lie it was killing him to say those words.

Don't you hate it when your right I know I do. So I suspected something was out of the ordinary when I first met him. He was too secretive, he new lots about me and I just ignored it. You see he said this to me “I know this sounds strange but im dangerous more dangerous than you could ever imagine, you think im normal but im not. I kill people and I was supposed to kill you ..but I love you.” I pulled away and looked into his eyes, searching for the joke. Why wasn't there one? than I realised he was serious and I ran, I ran quicker than I ever had in my entire life. I wanted to scream' stop him he's a killer' but instead I said “ill tell the world about you and what you are.”, I didn't get far and he caught me he was to quick.

I didn't get far until he caught me, he was too fast. He grabbed for my arm and abruptly stopped me I went jolting back into him and he caught me. “ let me explain what I am and how I got this way. I need to tell you a secret and its big” still holding me tightly he lead me back to the bench where he told me the other half of his story.

10 years ago a man hired me as an assassin as he'd seen my earlier work in the business. I didn't know you than and I agreed he said he'd give me the recipe to immortality obviously I took it in open hands.” he paused to look at me and I just looked away. He sighed and resumed what he was saying.”anyway he hired me to kill you and your family he wouldn't tell me why but I didn't think anything of it. When you moved to Bedford so did I, when you grew up I watched when you turned ten I realised it was impossible to do it you would go and visit the church ruins every weekend. You where so young and I pittied you.. I know what your thinking but by the time I was hired they where gone” he said.

i don't believe you, you killed them I know it.. what did you do with there bodies you, you killer”, my hands started to quiver and I felt tears falling from my face. I felt them fall from my red angry cheeks with the hand that Jake had I pulled it up to wipe my tear stained face. He loosened his gripe in pity.

Look im sorry but it wasn't me rose, rose .. look at me I didn't kill them and I didn't kill you I love you im till your old Jake but ive not change”i looked away as he stared at me and I ignored, he looked at me again but I still looked away, I focused on a tree and herd him sigh.He looked at me again but I still looked away focusing on something in the far distance, I felt his eyes on my kneck.

You told me earlier you had a secret what is it... please tell me”i trembled, his arms tensed and I could feel he was scared to tell me. “you no when we first started going out... and you know you haven't grown at all this year well...”, I realised what he was saying and I took a sharp intake of breath. I remember now. He'd spiked my drink 6 weeks after we started doing out. He'd made me immortal .. that shake he'd made me at his house he'd spiked it. “i hate you, you selfish person why would you do this to me I hate you .” I managed to escape his gripe and I stormed off.he didnt follow this time, he just sat and looked into the distance with foggy eyes.

Chapter 3

I remembered this all in a blink of an eye it felt like it only happened yesterday but it hadnt. as he held me in the corner where no-one could see us. “do I have to remind you of what I am” he sneered at me. His hand over my mouth, I cried out trying to escape him but it didnt work. All the loved hed once had for me had now gone his heart had drained of love and happiness and all that was left was a heart of coal and eyes of hatred.

Being immortal isn't all that different from being human though you have no need to eat or drink, but I do. That is only because of Lauren. The only other thing is you can run, run fast faster than anybody had ever run before.

Did you get that. Just stay away from me.” he whispered angrily. i chocked out a cry trying to say ok but it didn't come out that way. He pushed me hard against the wall and stormed off. I exhale quickly and scanned across the corridor hoping no-one had seen what had just happened my eyes caught a blonde boy who stared right at me looking through me with curiosity.

This boy had short blonde hair and cute blue eyes. He wore a large football top with the word sundie on it that name sounded so formilure until I came to the conclusion he was in my maths class. yes now I know who it is now it was nate yes, yes it was.

I took in a deep breath trying to relax than I started to panic, 'what if he saw us? What if he tells someone? Or starts asking questions?' I thought. He was such a young cute boy but what was I to do to interest him. In his eyes I was a ugly girl, his age of no importance.

Yes, yes I know i said ugly, well being immortal doesn't make you pretty or hansom. Most immortals cant do anything except run fast, in fact most world class runners are immortal but im different. I was told by my great grandmother when I was little that someone in are family centuries ago was a dark witch so until I turned mortal I didn't believe it but now I do. I have the special abilities, I can control dead souls and many other things I don't know about yet.

Anyway, Nate as he was known started to walk towards me I took another sharp intake of breath. “Hey my names Nate, what your name”, he held his hand out for me to shake. I went to shake it and tried to say “hi my names Rose”, but my voice collapsed and all that came out was a choke.

He laughed not one of those mean disgusted laugh but a sweat kind soft laugh. We shook hands and I calmed down we started to talk and walk down the corridor “sooo.. I saw you and that guy is he your friend cause he seemed to be hurting you”,he said making conversation.

No he my ex boyfriend and he.. he wasn't trying to hurt me. Look im going to be late for my next lesson so ive got to go bye.”,i half trembled and half rushed down the corridor.

bye”, I heard him whisper as I jogged off. Feeling very guilty I kept going I had history next and I still had to find the class room. My chart said room 4b block B and I was in block S. god this was going to be a long boring day.

By the end of the day I just wanted to go home and sleep I knew lauren would be waiting for me out in the car park ready to ask me how my day went with a smile sat happily on my face.

The last bell rang and I jumped up grabbed my stuff and swiftly left without a word. I almost ran to the car ready to tell Lauren to 'step on it '.

Chapter 4

I jumped through the open door of the car ready to go, as lauren started up the car slowly she was humming to herself. “so how was your day” she said as she started up the car.i sighed knowing I was right. “yer fine”, I replied in a quite dreary voice.

We sat in silence as Lauren drove out of her parking space and headed to the queue to leave.

I focused my attention on the school billboard it had once said :

thank you for visiting

Hastingsburry upper school

please come again

and it now read:

thank you for visiting

the hell hole they call a school

please go away

I smirked at this, I tuned to face my aunt to tell her this and her eyes gazed at it frowning.i smirked again,this amused me.'

her lips parted and I knew I would get another lecture about how I should never do that and before she could say a word, I I turned on the stereo and started to screech out the words to distract her. when we arrived at the house I jumped out the car, and headed in, Rufus our golden retriever was sat on the other side ready to bounce at me. He had his favourite toy in his mouth and than his second favourite toy was shoved in his mouth along side it.i giggled rufus always made me laugh when I was sad or tired.

That night I went to bed and thought about jake and how I loved him, he'd reuind my lie for his own happiness and that didnt go the way he'd planned either, because of him I could never have children and never be happy. I could never grow old because of him. I exhaled one last time and fell into a long deep sleep.

I love lauren but because of him I will have to run away next year. It either that or I tell her what I am and all she would do is send me away I cant bear to put her under anymore stress.

She doesn't understand me and never will, im fed up of those damn parenting magazines that she reads there so irritating and stupid.

Chapter 5

the next day I got up early wanting to walk to school. My alarm went off at 6am. I walked down the hall with my boots in my hands and tiptoed to Lauren's room and peered in. Lauren was deeply asleep. I carried on down the hall, grabbed my headphones off the table and quietly left.

I walked down the path and down by the street. It was early morning and the streets where surprisingly busy. Lauren always told me not to cut through the alleys but I wanted to get there early and out of the fog. I followed down the little path, it was dark and misty and I was all alone.

Well that's what I thought I came to a sudden holt, I herd a voice it was more like a shout. I saw a man ahead he was sat on the floor and from the way he sat he was drunk. He had something over his legs it was a body I could see his hands where red I realised instantly it was blood and there was a gun in his pocket.

The man was sobbing but it didn't sound sad there was a cynical joy to his voice. It was a girl on his lap, a dead girl. As I put the pieces together I realised hed killed her, I wasnt stupid enough to go and check what was going on so crept back quietly. I swiftly turn to leave but instead of leaving quietly I banged into a post.

This surprised me and pushed me off my feet, banging onto the floor. I jumped up quickly hoping that he hadnt herd me but I was sadly wrong.'oi' I herd him shout.hed stood up and pushed the body of his lap. I took in his character and his trousers where blood stained and face his face too.

He race for me ready to pounce but instead he was everywhere backward, forwards. I ran for my life taking a turn down another alley trying to find the path I started through.

I guess I should explain, being immortal doesn't make me bullet proof, yes it will be painful but it wont kill me unless he hits me in my danger zone, my 7th chakra it would send me to a place that isn't heaven nor hell and I would be stuck there for the rest of eternity.

Anyway I ran for my life, out of the corner of my eye I saw him approach me. I'd reached a dead end and there was no where for me to go. I grabbed a large rock to arm myself, it was jake, he'd come into the light and I could see him now.


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