soldiers on the streets

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i feel really strongly about this.

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012




You know those men, women who tell the world there courageous, there strong and if they could, they would make a difference well there words are empty.

What happened to the men and women whose words aren’t empty the doctors who save lives every hour, the police who make our community safe for our future children to grow up around, the fire fighters who risk there lives everyday to save families from burning fires and one of the most important jobs the world, one that no-one seems to think about, what happens to our soldiers,out family who go months,years at a time without seeing there children and families.

Does anyone think about the soldiers who risk there lives every minute of every day?
And not only do we not think about them we cast them aside when there done and dust, when they comeback unable to go back into war again because of mental or physical illnesses, and those men we forget about does anyone wonder what happened to them? no. Of course not because we don’t care enough to think about them.

And then they have these charities that raise money for them, and I respect that but they give merchandise for those who give money to charity. i mean are you kidding me, do people only think about themselves and what they can get out of everything.

What has happened to the moral of England, why cant we do things for other people and, don’t get me wrong not everyone is like this, not everyone has to get something out of helping people.

If you really think about all the things our soldiers do for us, maybe not for each person personally but for our country, do you really think we appreciate it, all of it? NO, no we don’t but we should. those men and women who are out there fighting in Afghanistan aren’t just doing it for  themselves there doing it for there country, there loved ones and most importantly you!

So before judge our brave soldiers make your decision either:

Help our men and women without asking for something in return like any man with moral ( )

Or you could be a soldier and join the army and find out what its really like instead of saying what you want and never understand what it would be like to be a ill soldier and be forgotten about (

Make your choice and make it a good one.

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