The personality reapers

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Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012




The Personality Reapers


Hastingsbury business and Enterprise College prides itself on its 3 R's: Respect, Responsibility and Rights

These 3 R's are not used, yes to be right the students need to give respect to get respect and some don’t but this is simply dealt with in the most stupid way, Hastingsbury takes away a student’s education to sit them in a room where they can’t talk or do anything, of course this is because of the small majority of bad behaviour but surely to those who truant lessons, these few lessons they don’t bunk are taken away from them.

This from my eyes makes less to no sense. one of the schools R's is rights and under that heading is 'To work and learn without interruption', now correct me if I’m wrong but taking a student out of there lesson because of either truancy or incorrect uniform is NOT letting them ' learn without interruption' but is the complete opposite. it is understandable to remove a student if he or she is disruptive or verbally abuses someone, but to take them out because of their uniform or truancy is not right.

Another of Hastingsbury rules is now that if a phone is seen for any reason shape or form, this student would lose their phone until a parent or carer could come in and collect it. this they can’t do taking a student’s phone longer than until the end of the day is technique considered theft, any student who has lost a phone should be given it back at the  end of the day considering it is personal property that has been required against the students will.

Another right is 'Feel and be safe in all areas of the college.' this would include walking to and from school if a student has lost there phone than they may not feel safe walking alone, this takes away there right that the school themselves decided.

Not only this but the school alows teachers to have there phones out during lssons which show equality, surely our rights are the same as theres meaning they shouldn't be aloud to have phones out when ever they want, if our rigts are the same why is no-one standing for us and why is no-one stopping the hypocrits.

Hastingsbury enterprise has amde a huge deal about uniform, every student must wear correct uniform at all times this means that any student caught with a hoodie or a flat cap has it taken because its symbolism of 'joining gangs', but the real question is, how is confiscating a hoodie or flat hat that they are going to sooner or later getting back going to stop any student joining a gang.

hastingsbury has an amazing education system but sometimes seems to lack the memories of being a teenager, by stopping as student earing a hat or listening to music isnt going to stop a student learning, getting a good job or joining a gang.


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