Love Doctor

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Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008



Love is as big as the Ocean
But when we search for it
It is nowhere in Sight
Sometimes Love is where we least expect it
In some exotic place
Under a rock
Or staring us right in the face
But if we truly want to find Love
All we have to do is look
It is right there
Not to close not to far
But we need to look within ourselves
We need to ponder,
Do I Love myself?
If the answer is yes,
Then you are on the right track
Love will be there by your side
But if the answer is no
You must understand why?
And for that the only truths can be found within
You are the answer to the riddle
You have not defeated the Sphinx
The answer still needs to be sought
What is Love?
Love is something we need to survive
It informs us that we are alive
Love is giving
Love is caring
Love is putting oneself on the line to help another
Love is doing something without questions
Without Love we are lost in the abyss of meaning full of devoid
Wandering…until we have no other options


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