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Random Poems

Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008



The power to Create
The power to Destroy
What will man use it for?
To increase longevity
Or to decrease it
Everything has a duel purpose
It can be used for Good
Or for Bad
Even “the bad”
Is always for the Good
It all depends on our perspective
From a birds eye view
From the Left
From the Right
There are so many different angles
Each one is only a snapshot of the picture
Who can Choose?
Do I choose to be Good?
Do I choose to be Bad?
It is all up to me
I am the Fire If I so Desire
I can choose to Help
I can choose to Ignore
It is all up to ME
I am POWERFUL to do what I DESIRE
I am the Fire if I so Desire

Plague us all from day to day
We struggle to conquer our INNER DEMONS
Can’t breathe hyperventilating
Take a Deep breath
You will Survive
It is in You

If you want Advice
Look at what you see
Ask your question
The Answers are all around
Wherever you turn
The Answer is staring you in the face
But you are left in a quandary
How do they know the Answers?
They are Blades of Grass
Birds Chatter
Dogs Barking
The Wind Blowing
The Road we walk on
These are the Signs
Because they are Divine
They are the Prophets of our time
The next time you are unsure
Look around!
They are there to help give peace of mind

Divine Providence
The message is there
Wondering where?
I feel so unsafe
I do not know what to do
I feel a_l_o_n_e
Restricted in my every move
I have nowhere to turn
But in the distance
I see a beacon of Light
I see a figure of a man
With an outstretched hand
To reel me in
To save me!
Then I realize he never left me
I was distant
I left
He was always there
Waiting for me to see
Waiting till I would realize

Time is living in the moment
Time is being there in a moment of need
Time is endless, a boundless mystery
Time is where you want to be
Time is the season to capture each moment
CAMERA—a snapshot of our lives
VIDEO—a stream of our lives
WORD…there are so many ways
Time is an hour of Divine Intervention
Time is something for you and me
Time can change
Time is a portal to a new dimension
Time can take you wherever you want to go
There are no limits
No Borders
All you have to do is believe
And Time will be yours
Some might say Time is bound…
In cycles of events…
But they misunderstand
Time is different for everyone
Time is not past, present, future
It can be one, two, or all of these
Time is Straight
Time is Bent
Time is a wavy Tornado of single moments streamed together
It all depends on Carpe diem
A willingness to plow forward taking no prisoners

Who is Big?
Who is Strong?
He who is Wise…
He who knows thy self…
But at the same time has no limits
No limitations
He can see from afar
Who knows which road to travel
And where to turn

Football the clashing of men
Battling it out for what is Divine
Back and forth men go
To conquer the battle field
Tossing the football
The magic of Life
It seals friends together
For that we must Thank
It helps us co-operate
It teaches us so many things
Too numerous to count
Therefore we play
Till our legs can stand no more
But still we bulldoze down
To show we can still tarry on
Till the clock winds down…3…2…1


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