Conor You Son of A Bitch

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This is what happened to me at school and I transformed it into a short story, just to get my mind off it, express my feelings, kind of personal. Caution, alot swearing words, Anyways.
This kid Conor was racist, attempted to beat me up, bullied me every day, I never stood up for myself, until one day I finally did. I was crying when I wrote this, no insults, please.

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



Damn you,

Yet another bruise,

I hate you,

I hope your happy with yourself,

Another insult,

Another prayer,

You can laugh,

You can bully,

But you crossed the line,

When you said,

"I hope one day you son of a bitch goes to hell."

I cried all night,

Sobbed into my pillow.

Another bruise,


You went over the next line,

When you made fun of my culture,

Saying that your culture will burn down my country.

I finally decided, Fuck you.

Go to fucking hell,

I won't deal with your fucking shit no more.

The next day I came up to you,

You came up to me and said,

"You fucking stupid retard, do you want to count your bruises tonight?"

I glared at you, everyone was watching.


I pushed you down, kicked you, and held you against the wall.

"Go to hell, you mother fucker." I whispered.

I punched you in the chest.

And this was the funny part.

A few minutes after school.

You cried to your mommy about a girl beating you up at school.

Well that's what you get.

For messing with the wrong bitch.


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