Passage of Truth

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This is one of my wierd writings. Its quite long and just put me in a different atmosphere.... please let me know what you think.

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



I am the darkness surrounding the stars
I am the curiosity of the moon
the passage of light
the binding of life
the power of a surging river
the force of connection
the source for raw emotion
course through my veins
I am the lost and forgotten souls
I am the entities of dread
the spirits of the dead
the knowledge of the ancients
the portal to an awakening
the gate way to truth
the pit of yearning
dwell with in my soul
I am the strongest wind
I am the softest breeze
the tallest blades of grass
the smallest grain of sand
the oldest of trees
the unsought pebble
the heat from a scorching flame
surround my every step
I am the creature in which you fear
I am the animal companion in which you love
the tears of the Phoenix
the kindred of wolves
the mystical dreams of the dragon
the will and curiosity of the bear
the slyness of the fox
ache within my bones
I am the magic deep with in
I am the hermit in secret
I am the one you are bred to fear
I am the one you don't care to know
I am the love and life of destiny and creation
I am the embrace of death and passage
I am the unknown footprint left in mud
I am the glimpse your eye will catch in the tree line
I am the one dancing around the flame at night
I am the one grasping the void
I am the one spoke of in hushed tones
I am the quiet rumble
I am the proud
I am pagan
I am me


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