Unforgiving Mists

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another writing on just some unbalanced thoughts on life

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



forever walking
walking through this unforgiving mist
not seeing, not feeling
traveling this path without guidence
blindly, i plunge deeper into the abyss
with each corner, each step
there is an expected twist
a malicious beast, an unforsaken soul
waiting, watching, thirsting
filled with a desire for a taste
craving that of me that would quench their endless thirst
Ii can sense them, feel them
their thick breath quickens upon my neck
the stench of anticipation in the air
grasping, clinging, clawing
i feel their fear, i sense their madness
the ground trembles beneath my feet
shaking and shifting, i quicken my pace
the pain, the misery
i dare not look, i dare not stop
wandering off the path, further and deeper into the unknown
faster, quicker, do not stop
branches of trees tare at the flesh
blades of grass slice open the skin
each tare, each slice deeper than before
this mist is becoming colder
the air grows stale and putrid the further i travel
my heart pounding
beating as if to be torn from the chest
the rage is intense
flowing through the veins
building, growing with each breath
the anger, the rage swells within
when will it end, when will it cease
forever walking
walking in the unforgiving mist

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