The Figure in the Night

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Its about a young man who starts to see the world for what it is.

Submitted: March 18, 2008

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Submitted: March 18, 2008



As he came back from dinner. He went into his room and sat on his computer, communicating to his friends online. He stayed on for a couple hours, but once herealizedhow late it was he decided it was time for bed. So he shutdown his computer, turned off his light,laiddown in his bed and stared at his ceiling, waiting until he fell asleep. Then he herd somethingresemblingsomeone walking on the carpet, so he grabbed his bat and walked around the house. He found nothing, so he decided to walk back into his room. But then he herd the footsteps again, so he turned and this time swung his bat, but to hissurprise, nothing was their. He was so freaked out by this, he grabbed his pillow and decided to try and sleep in the main living room. He pushed the sofa together and made a small little bed for himself. It wasn't comfortable and it creaked with every little move. It smelt like a dead catthat'sbeen rotting for years. But he decided to bear with it for the night. So then the boy turned on his t.v. and began watching one of hisfavoriteshows. He started laughing at a funny part in the show, when he herd the footsteps again. He tried to ignore it but they wouldn't go away. So he got up and checked the house, nothing was their. He sat back down and tried to relax. He couldn't so he decided that he was going to get himself a nice, cold, refreshing glass of water. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cabinet. As he walked to the fridge to grab the pitcher of water, he had a strange feeling he was being watched. So he looked out the windowin frontof him. He couldn't see anything, but he was still deeply disturbed. He pured his glass of water fast, spilling most of it, and ran back to the couch.

An hour goes by and nothing happens. He starts to chill out and relax. He lays his head down on the cold pillow and closed his eyes. THUMP, he wakes up, trying to find what made the noise. THUMP, he hears it again, he starts to panic and beginssweating. THUMP, he starts crying and praying to god hoping he wont die. Then it stopped, everything was silent. He just sat their, alone, in a pitch black room. He turned the t.v. back on and began watching it again. He looked above the t.v. and saw the blank whitewall. Hejust sat their and stared at it. His eyes were glued to the wall. THUMP, the wall rippled like water. The boy was confused, was he in a dream? THUMP, the wall ripples more. The boy begins to panic. Then a big dark figure starts to slowly come out of the wall. The boy is silent, he couldn't move, he was in shock. As the big black figure came out he felt ashock waveof cold hit him. Then the figurestopped. The boy couldn't see what it was. All it looked like was a big black floating blob. The figure got closer to the boy. The figure then reached out and picked him up slowly. The boy just sat their in shock, he didn't know what to do. Then the figure floated himself and the boy back into the wall.

The next day his parentsrealizedhe was gone, at first theythoughthe went to a friends house, but that night when they stillhaven'therd from him they began to freak. They sent out search parties looking for anything that could help find the boy. Helicopter were flying over towns and dropping wanted posters of the boy everywhere. But after a couple of months, they assumed the boy was dead. They set-up afuneralfor him and filled his casket with all his stuff, then buried him. His parents were sad and began to get depressed. They had to go to therapy sessions and takeProzac, but after a couple years or so, they finally snapped out of it.

20 years go by and the parents are working and still living in the same house. They were in the living room watching t.v. when they herd a THUMP. The parents ignored it. THUMP, they gotallscared, but they assumed it was someone closing their car door. THUMP, they saw the ripples form on the wallin-frontof them. They looked ateach otherand began to freak. Then someone walked out of the ripples. The parents began to freak, the man that walked out grabbed both of them by their shirts and said "Its me." The parents said "Son?!?" he replied "Yes." they began to hug and cry, but when the parents asked where he was, he told them he had to go finish something. He told themhedback in 20min and walked out the front door. The parents began calling EVERYONE andtellingthem whathappened. Theygatheredeverybody and their house tosurprisethe man. An hour goes by and the man stillisn'tback, the parents began to worry. Then a cop walks in, he tells the parents they found their son hanging from the bridge. Theydidn't believethem and drove to the bridge to see for themselves. And their he was, hanging from the neck off the bridge. The cop told them he left a note. The parents asked if they could see it, so the cop gave it to them. It read....

"Dear everyone. I saw what not other man has seen. But what I saw killed me inside. I can no longer talk to any of you. I cant watch you all die.
All I want is to leave before he comes. So goodbye, I will miss you all."
On the other side of the note was a drawing of a black figure hovering over the town.

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