Haven/Only Words

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Sleepy. I wrote this Last year. 3/29/06. It's true about someone dear...

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007



An erotic beat sounds in the room,

and my body rises from the floor.

Your heart is drowning in passion so thick,

it's perfect the way my body fits with yours.

And you kissing so hard,

I want it more,

this pleasure and pain,

oh boy, it's making me sore.

Rhytimically our hips move back and forth,

and up and down,

  (to show my pleasure, my screams will not be heard for them,
  but my throaty moans and secretive whispers caress you skin,)

our breathing is the only sound.

No one knows of our tryst, and if caught, it’s worth the risk….

Whenever you’re deep inside me, nothing can compared….


No illusions, real and bare….

By inch…

I got ya, I need ya, I need some more, and boy, this pleasure

and pain has me sore….

By slow,

Rhythmically our hips move back and forth, and up and down…


And your pleads are the only sound….


I’ll make you beg, I’ll make you plead….

Even the greatest falls to their knees….

You’ve never needed me like this, so I’ll grant you one wish….

All I ask is for your love to be strong, while I’m cravin’….

And my heart, soul, and body is your….

And only your…

And only your….

And only your haven.

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