Jezebel Nymph who Whispered A***

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((Am I psycho, and in need of lithium?))

Submitted: April 08, 2007

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Submitted: April 08, 2007




I'm once again "pushed over the edge" my sexy obsession driving my wild,

such grace belonging to an Incubus, teach me kama sutra (I'm so obedient)

let my imperfection become to new classic beauty.


((I wonder why your pliant lips taste like drugs.))


sparkling like diamonds, intoxicating as alcohol,

You whisper to me how I'm not a ‘pretty in pink' glitter doll,

but a succubus-your pretty whore to violate.


((Depression often has me to wonder about mutilation, would my death be instant?))


You slightly slit my throat, with your knife, rising panic causes me to bleed heavily,

my blood is dancing to greet you like rubies and sparkles,

this pain is love, I believe in your religion and hold to my faith.


((Am I psycho, and in need of lithium?))


I fall into coma, a suicide of sorts,

I can feel your excitement as your final ecstasy spills into me.

Please give me a proper requiem,

A teal princess preserved perfectly on an altar...

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