Who I am Again

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Am I going to die...?

Submitted: October 24, 2006

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Submitted: October 24, 2006



Who I am again?I see all those, mourning my death, they sat it was an overdose,No wait, that was my first death,They say I cut myself, and bleed til I died,Yep, that sounds about right,I still wonder what was the cause this time?you—your love, your hate, your gentle caress, your violent kissI don’t know, but can you hear me calling?Falling…faster…I’m an imitation, a shadow of who I amlingers with you.Another piece broken, waiting to be mended,waiting for you to breath another breath into me,and make me rise,the blood to fall from my cuts again.Save me from falling back into madness,return me to who I am again.Where is your love now?, your selfless sacrifice,you leave me and I return, to pay the price,for your salvation against the damned,wanting you,your wicked and eaten soul is crumbling like my heart, through crimson tears I’ve let fall from my hollow eyes,and bittersweet kisses to melt away your face,this awful sight of pain is so beautiful.Another cut along my arm, add to another death,of my soul.Resurrect me, breath another breath into me toMake me rise from an eternal sleep,Let the blood fall from my cuts, Scars form on old wounds, so trace them,And count my many lives,Return me to who I amAgain.

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