Sweet Angel.

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Gothic, it was written for my english coursework. Enjoy(:

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



 It watched as the moon silently retreated into the midnight sky, leaving nothing but darkness in the air. Trees whispered amongst themselves, warning each other of the evil amongst them. It crept up the winding staircase, up into the tower. Lightening cracked across the sky, and its bright red eyes flashed in the dark. It looked across at the delicate creature sleeping silently in her bed, blissfully unaware of what was happening around her. Lady Jessica clutched her rosary to her chest as the red-eyed beast crept closer.




The beast evaporated into the air, silently entering Jessica’s peaceful dreams and disrupting them with its twisted appearance.


She let out a blood-curdling scream, writhing in her bed, ripping and twisting the sheets. She convulsed, cracking her back as she shook, desperately trying to rid herself of this evil creature. She shrieked as the glass beads from her rosary fell to the floor, shattering into millions of tiny pieces.


Silence. Not a single sound was made as Jessica let out her final breath. The beast rose from the broken bed and hovered directly above her, its red eyes being the last thing to disappear into the night.


Jessica’s eyes snapped open.




Matthew hadn’t seen his fiancée in over two weeks, but the changes in his angel were unmistakeable. Her once rosy skin was now deathly pale, her bones stuck out and her hair was lifeless. Her whole appearance now reminded him of a skeleton, a dark figure in the night. It was her eyes that were the most shocking. Those once deep, beautiful blue eyes were slowly turning red, a red so dark it looked like blood was leaking from her soul. He gently stroked her soft face, and for a second he swore he saw the angel he had fallen in love with. Just for a second, he was reminded of the times they had had, strolling through the parks and along by the river. He remembered her laugh, her silky smooth voice and her baby blue eyes glittering in the sun. He thought how beautiful she would look in her wedding dress, a long, elegant, flowing dress that hugged her curves and fitted her slender form perfectly.


Lightening struck in the sky, and Jessica’s eyes snapped open, burning as red as fire.  She stood up, directly in front of Matthew, whose light blue eyes were glazed over, stuck in daydreams of his wedding day and his angel. The floorboards creaked as Jessica shifted her weight, and the candle’s that were burning brightly suddenly flickered, the flame dancing in the dark. Matthew’s eyes focused on the creature in front of him, barely recognising it as Jessica, and shook his head to force himself back to reality. A single tear fell from Jessica’s eye, rolling down her cheek and smudging on her face. Wind started to blow in her room, and her eye’s darkened as she whispered, “Matthew, it’s me, its Jessica. Please, step closer, I can hardly see you.” Candles flickered out, and the chandelier started swaying side to side. Matthew turned slightly, praying for an escape from this horror in front of him. He noticed the open door and ran, but before he could get out it slammed shut of its own accord.

“Matthew, don’t you recognise me? It’s me, Jessica, your fiancée. Why are you running from me? Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to be here with me?” Jessica vaporised in front of him, her face inches from his own. “Don’t be scared, it’s me, its Jessica. I need you. Don’t you need me? Don’t you want me anymore?” More tears fell from Jessica’s cheeks, her cold, unfeeling eyes glowing red as the lightening cracked once more.

“Jessica, please don’t cry, it hurts me to see you crying. Please, stop.” Matthew reached out to wipe away the tears, and felt the warm blood on his fingers. More blood fell from her eyes, and she leaned forward, whispering,

  “You really shouldn’t have done that, you silly, silly boy.”  Jessica grabbed Matthew’s hands, trapping them within one of her own. With the other hand, she forced his head to look at her, scratching his skin and causing him to scream out in pain. “Now Matthew, don’t be scared, this will only hurt a lot. I shall enjoy hearing your screams.” Jessica smiled the most sinister smile you could imagine, and forced Matthew’s eyes open, clawing at them with her talons. He screamed as she stared into his eyes, burning his soul with her crimson gaze, blood pouring down his cheeks, scorching his flesh and leaving open wounds for Jessica to enjoy.



Lightening cracked across the midnight sky. It watched from the treetops as its creation destroyed her love, taking his soul and claiming it as her own, laughing at the pain he was enduring and finding pleasure in his tortured screams. It clicked its fingers, and watched as the darkness retreated from her, leaving her free of its evil clutches. It watched as she took in the bloody face of her love, and smirked at the pain etched onto her face. It cackled as she cried, screaming screams of pain, loss and self-hatred as she realised she was the one who had done this. She sunk to her knees and clawed at her face, praying to God that there was some way to reverse this, but no one was listening. Not anymore. She took the knife he carried in his belt and, taking a deep breath, sliced her throat. Blood poured from her neck, mixing with the blood of her love, and the evil beast laughed as it watched the realisation appear on her face. She was not dead.


A tortured cry echoed in the wind, as lightening split open the heavens and fog descended from the sky. Red eyes floated, slowly disappearing into the dark.

“Goodbye, sweet Jessica. Goodbye, sweet angel…”

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