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She is numb. She can`t feel anything. In seconds she is gone. That leaves him with anger and rage of her death. But yet her presence is still there.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



Stars and streetlights were gleaming over New York city. Lights that shone endlessly over the area. The neon signs hung high, mantled over buildings. Skyscapers were glowing with brightness. Sounds of cars were honking, taxi drivers yelling and loud music filled their ears with daily life. Ah, such a lovely sound. Thuds walked by the sidewalks and the homeless were sleeping in the allies near the dumpsters. Crowds of people were heading from one destination to the next. This was definitely the daily life.

Among the crowd, was a girl no older than nineteen, wearing a black strapless mini dress underneath a heavy, leather coat. She wasn`t your average everyday slut. She wasn`t walking from a nightclub. Nor was she heading to a drug dealer, or biker gang. She was an average person, simply going to pick up a few things.

The girl walked swiftly, as she held herself in her arms, trying to stay warm in the chilly air. She`d squeeze the cold jacket tight, crossing the leather against each other. Her boyfriend had only this to give her. As much as the coat stimulated more to cold than warmth, it was better than nothing.

Citizens would pass by, squooshing their hats onto their head, leaving their hair blowing in the breeze. People walked into coffee shops and Italian restaurants. She was itching for a cup of coffee, but the prices they make you pay for, you might as well just say, "Hey, dig in my pockets and take all of what you can get." A couple walks out of Picaso`s Italian Pizza with the scent of italian food coming out from the restaurant. The smell tortured her with hunger.

The cold gripped her shoulders as it spread it's way down her spine. She could feel her vision getting blurry. The market was only two more blocks away. She calmly approachs with relief.

Suddenly, BOOM!!!

Her eyes widen, her pupils grew huge. She falls into total shock. Out of nowhere, an immediately sense of sweltering heat hits her. Her skin tightens up. She can`t move. She only finds herself held in a stiff position not even able to realize what just happened. Did she just hear that? Was that real?

The girl finds herself snapping back to reality. She sees people startled with fear in their faces. But what caught her attention  the most was where they were facing. They were looking directly at her in full terror. She looks down at herself. She couldn`t stop staring.

It was a bullet wound. She starts losing her balance. Everything starts fading together. A spinning motion was now forced upon her. All the sudden, she feels her body slam into the concrete. Her silent scream is unheard.

Everbody screams and runs off in the distance. A group of people ran to her. They were shouting and yelling at her, but she couldn`t make out their words. Why were they yelling at her?

All she could hear was the sound of gunshots and the voices in the background. The girl tenderly touches the center of her chest with a strange unfamiliar feeling sitting there. Then, she feels this wet feeling. She slowly pulls her hand up above her face. Red was smeared on her fingers. Then, it dripped on her face. The people would just watch as others would continue talking to her. She could feel her body going numb.  As she stares up at the frightened faces above her, slowly they begin fading away into a white nothingness, soundlessly with only echoes whispering amongst her ears.






Twenty-five minutes later, after he watched the terrifying news about a shooting rampage, he finds himself cradling his head in his hands, trying to hold back the tears. He looked about 23. He sits on the bench outside the room hoping his girlfriend is just fine. That she`ll make it through and be back with him soon.

She was one of the first to be shot. How he wished he could have been there. Maybe, if he went instead, only then she would still be alive. Oh why did he let her go? If only he was in her position right now, that would make him happy. But sadly, deals like that don't exist in this world, and now he can't even bear sitting here, waiting, wondering, suffering. He grits his teeth, the thought of her smiling at him before she left. To know that she`s losing life fast makes his rage go to insanity. Who could shoot someone so innocent like her? What did she do?

He could go up there himself and tear that bloody bastard apart. If only he could avenge her. Then, criminal responible for this crisis would know what pain really is. Whoever did it, hopefully wouldn't spends a long tortuous time in federal prison.

Suddenly, the door opens beside him. A doctor with fresh blood stained over his clothes, walks out. He slowly put his mask down. The man pulls his head out of his arms to look up at the doctor`s solemn face. Not a good sign. The suspense was building inside of him. He loses try of his breathing. 

"I`m sorry," he hears. The man's skin becames damp. "She lost so much blood. We couldn`t stop the bleeding."

Her boyfriend was on the urge of tears. He felt the breath knocked right out of him. It felt like a stone was threw to his chess. The unbareable words beat him to pulp in just five seconds. 

He gets up and rushes into the room. The doctor grabs his arm, but he pulls it away.

There on the bed, laying in the stained white cover sheets was her. She wasn`t moving, nor sleeping. He stared into her glassy eyes looking dully at the ceiling. She was dead.

Finally, something sparked inside him. Right then, in that moment, something snapped. Fury grasped his soul. Rage swelled inside him. It was twitching in his eyes. This anger, this feeling was just building up inside of him. The blood coursing took his veins, boiled. His adrenaline was going rapid. His muscles tightened. All his love, his sadness, his hatred clouded his body. All of it just crowded everywhere til everything just exploded. 

He grabs the first thing in front of him and threw it across the room with full force. The sound of glass shattering rhythmed in the workers ears. The guy screams to the top of his lungs. He`d scream to the god almighty up in the sky, yelling at him. He was the reason why he and his girlfriend, were in this situation.

He claws his fingernails deep into his skin. Then turning them into fists, beginning to press full pressure. Workers would clatter in the room to stop him, but he took his full strength to get them off him.

"Sir you need to calm down," said the doctor. Still, he continues to stay enraged as if he didn`t hear him.

"Security!!" one nurse yelled.

"Hold him down," shouted the other.

The colleagues stood in place, ready to make another try. Ten security guards rushed in through the door. Thirteen people against one. There`s no escape and no turning back. He had gone too far. Yes, he could have ended there. But still, he wasn't capable to know even now that he needed to stop. He was just too anger to given in. So the man ran right into the officers. One took a hard smack to the floor. The man sat upon his chess, holding his fist in the air, preparing to ignite it on the officer's face. Before he could cause physical damage to the officer, several others ripped him off his chest. They held him down to the floor.  Now he is struggling to break free. Infuriated. He grits his teeth. He put all his strength in to work his way out. But suddenly, something stopped him. He heard someone`s voice. A very familiar voice. It was gentle and soft. "Cody, stop," he heard.

Could it be? Reality fades out for a second. All the madness fades away. The security guards. The doctors. The nurses. Even the room faded away. All that's left is a full blank image.

Cody lays there, motionless. The suffocation and heaviness was off his shoulders. Everything was silent and plain. Could he have possible gone deaf and blind? He looks up to see. Suddenly, something caught his eye. In the front of him, there she stood unharmed, without a single mark. She was dressed the way she left her home an hour ago in her dress and in his jacket.




He was speechless. This was too much to take in. This can`t be real. This is totally impossible. He saw her lying dead on the hospital bed. Could this be a dream? He couldn`t get this through his head. Her boyfriend looks at her continuous, not knowing what to do. He`s searching for the words, questions to be asked. But it only left him speechless, mindboggling his head, searching.

Slowly, she walks toward him. The girl crouches down beside him. She places her hand on his thigh where it once was crushed by several tons. Cody gasped. He could feel her touch on his leg. Her eyes were glistening. She was smiling. Then, right before he knows it, she kisses him. He could feel her soft lips touch his. Cody's eyes widen. He puts his hand on her heart It`s beating. Her heart was really beating.

Cody holds her closer to him, feeling her actually be pressed against his body. The actual touch of her skin was touching his. Finally, the answer laid true. She is real. This is real. And he isn`t dreaming. He`s wide awake.

Suddenly, she pulls back from and places her hand on the side of his head. "Good-bye," the girl said.

He stares at her in misunderstanding. Cody knew what she meant. It was written in her eyes. She must leave. She needed to go. She has to. It such a short moment and so little. To know this was going to be the last time he see her face to face, was devastating. So Cody grabbed her and wraps his arms around her one last time. She drops her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight, like a child would hug her papa good night. 

"Good bye," he says.

He holds her close once more until she fades away from his touch. Finally, he feels nothing in his arms, being left in with the emptiness. Left with hope, courage and strength. Knowing their close everlasting love will be forever and her guardian angel watching over him.

He watches the nothingness fading away in his system. Remember her message.

This was the last good bye.


The doctor holds the needle to Cody`s neck. As he lays still he looks over to his left at his girlfriend. If in death, she was beautiful. But something was different about her. Her eyes were closed shut.

Cody slowly closes his eyes as he the medicine leaves him unconsciousness.

The End

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