Trapped and Tracked down Chapter 1

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This is where a girl tries to find her boyfriend in the basement of an old mansion. Instead, she whines up in agonizing pain and finds it impossible so far. But something stranger happens. Is Daniel still alive?

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



It was dark. The rooms were all old. The walls were molded and the place was dim. Hallways were long and narrow barely lit with light.

In the hallway, the center of the disgusting place, was a lantern seeming with light, getting dimmer and dimmer by the minute. There stood a girl, leaning against the wall, standing in the surrounding glow. Fear was filling her face.

Her hair was short, black as the night sky. Strands covered the left half of face. Her shirt was ripped as well as the pants wrapped around her legs with the color of red smeered over the fabric. Her name was Amy.

Amy was breathing hysterically trying to stop herself. She could feel the cold chill over her beginning to clutching her spine. The warm blood trembling down from the large scars on her back. The warm sweet taste of it in her mouth. Her heart was continuously racing. Beating at an abnormallable speed. She could even feel her heartbeat in her head feeling her brain straining uncontrollable to the sound.

The pain was unbareable. Her thick open wounds felt as if spikes dug deep in her skin, like frozen knifes stabbing her.

Amy was scared. Not only of dying, but to dead unable to save him or already being too late to save him. That`s what she refused to think, not even to know the fact of his death.

She looked down at her cold moist hands, as if to find something written. Written in the lines of her hand. She slowly lifts it close up to her face, fearing to look. But blood cover the lines, blinding the truth from her. She gingerly rubs her finger against her palm rubbing off the drops of blood. It lightly begins exposing on her bare white, pale skin. She reads her life line. And it reads-

Suddenly, a loud boom hits the floor. Amy flinches her head to the left end of the chamber. A rush of sweltering heat hits her in the chilled air. In the iris of her eye, her pupil augmently increases size.

Boom! The sound roar in her ears. She look at the vase shaking on the table. Amy`s mouth drops. Her face fills with full horror.

Boom! She tries preventing herself not to screaming. But everytime it comes to silence, she finds it hard listening to the stomping come back again. She wants to shut her eyes, but if she does, she`d be too afraid to open them up which would give a certain chance of getting killed.

Boom! Amy starts looking for a place to run, a place to hide. Sadly, she only has the far right end of the hallway. It would be impossible to make it around the corner with or without a lantern. Besides, the lantern will show her location or hints on where she might be. The lantern was her only light through the halls.

There would be no way, she could move without it. There had to be some way to stop the predator. Then, it came to her. Throw the lantern at him. She carried the thought in her head. She doesn`t have many options left so why not put it to the test? She cautiously walks to the wall facing her to hide her shadow. Luckily, the lantern is dim enough to cease the lights movement, so Amy can carry it.

She leans close to the wall standing her ground in astiff position. She closes her eyes and calms her breathing down.



Amy grips the handle on the lantern even tighter, twisting the thick wire. One more step. That`s what she`s waiting for. One more step. It seems, as though, waiting takes longer. It is extreme quiet for a second.

But suddenly, Amy hears something. Not the sound of stomping, but a very loud sound. The sound of glass shattering. She falls in shock. Daniel!

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