A War Inside My Head

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Just a little something that I wrote because the feelings were right.

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



Two sides launch a fight,

It's never really black and white.

To my heart, I'd like to be true,

But I find that it's split it two.

One fights for love, love so good,

The other for logic, doing things like I should.

I feel the scratches, I feel the burns,

As each side violently takes their turn

To tell me why they should win,

For making them lose would be a sin.

I try to think things through but nothing works.

On either side, something hurts.

The side of love fights and it stings,

The side of logic tells me things

That I know are true and I know are right,

Yet my heart still puts up a fight.

A shot fired here and a bombshell there,

There's true conflic in the air.

But alls fair in love and war,

And both sides are keeping score.

Love over logic, or  logic over love,

A decision I will never be certain of.

The war doesn't stop; on and on it fights,

For we can never truly tell who is wrong and who is right..

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