I Will Find Him

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Shelle a girl who met a stranger in an internet cafe and longing to see he boy again.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



 Shelle having a hard time finding the definition of brawn drawn, was disturbed.. Poor Shelle not knowing the boy's name longs to see him again..


As I tap the keyboard of the computer in desperation to find the definition of brawn drawn, a boy suddenly talked to me asking what was i searching for.

I just answered him simply.. he said we're in the same school and my face is familiar to him.. He told me that he went in the same school in high school where my bestfriend Chris went too. I was curious about him and mistaken him as Lloyd, Chris' classmate. He was about to go when i asked him if he really is Lloyd but before answering my question, he gave me a big laugh. Teasing me that i have a crush on Lloyd I raised my brow and threw an annoyed face at him. But he knew it's no big deal to me and said with a smiling face '"im not LLOYD im just his friend"'.


He told me that he wont find a job after school. His purpose in studying is to have dignity so that people wont look down on him. I dont know why, but even though we just met, he told me those things and these words came out my mouth,

"Äre you nuts?! Even though you have brains people would still look down on you. A pathetic and jobless person that is what they will think of you."

How surprising I only talk to my closest friends that way. We only met but he already gained my trust. He told me "that's not what I really meant I just thought I'll just take a rest after graduating" then a smile curved on his lips. It took minutes before I realized that he was smoking. No wonder i can smell cigarette smokes a while ago.It was apparent that he dont want me to notice that he was smoking at my back but then when I found out, I only showed him ignorance.


He asked me if I find it difficult studying in our school and my answer was this:

"you'll ask me if I i have difficulties on studying our lessons? Well to tell you, I almost failed in Geometry last year. So how's that? " I told him with laughter.
Laughter broke on his face sayng that he hates math. But after a few seconds, he asked me, ''Doesn't your boyfriend help you?'
I just told him that I dont bother being single and I'm not in a rush.
Then he murmured..
""Can i have a girlfriend with this face?! oh come on .. There's no hope.
I wanted to know what having a girlfriend feels like"'..

I raised my brow and looked at him. "' Dont rush you'LL see her.. You really are nuts."'

He just smiled and said he just wanted to experience it and sighed..


Looking away, he said,
"dude I gotta go!"  while tapping my elbow and i gave him a nod saying ökay.
When he was about to go, I asked him his name but he just smiled and walked away.


While I was alone, I realized that I saw him several times before. Sometimes playing guitar and sometimes playing basketball.
Back then, I didn't seem to like him but it changed when I talked to him. There's no way I could forget him for the jokes he said that made me laugh and distracted me from searching the definition of "brawn drawn". 

I'm Shelle and I will find that Boy no matter what..


But what would it be like if I already found him?
Who knows. It's destiny's game.



oh, guys it's the first story I wrote it's not good. But I hope i can make a better one soon. I really did met this boy but I added some story to it..

thanks for reading and GOD BLESS!

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