9 Years Too Long.

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Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



I swung my legs as we sat on the brick wall. Our little hide-out. The place you found and decided to share with me and no one else.
That was nine years ago, I remember the date, off by heart, 27th October 2002.
I put my head back a little, letting the sun beam down on my face. The soft cool wind whipped my hair up and I smile as it does.

You'd invited me out today, and I made myself look as good as I can. Shorts, a tank top and some converses. My hair was up in a attractive messy bun and I had tried to looked as natural as I could today. I put my sunglasses up and looked over at you.
Gosh, you were a beauty. My heart pounded just at the sight of you. Your hair was always perfect and a smile was always on your lips. Your eyes shone whenever the sun settled on them.

And oh, the way you smelt, it was so mysterious. It always managed to lure me in, even when I decided I didn't want to stay. I always stayed.
And today was going to be the day I told you. I couldn't wait forever. Because there wouldn't be forever without you in it.
I took a deep breath, ready to say something, but at that minute you opened your mouth to say something. "You look different today, Gwen."

You smiled and my stomach swarmed with butterflies. My cheeks went hot under the sun and I looked down. "What about me looks different?" I asked, trying to hold a conversation. If only I could hold it until the butterflies went away and courage stepped in.
"Your hair and you just look natural." You replied, and I felt like laughing right then and there. So my look had worked.

"Well, Bravo, you look different today too." It looked as if you had tried. You wore boyfriend jeans, with a top that showed of your top half by clinging to you. Your growing muscles were exaggerated by the sun and your Adidas creps were great.
You scooted closer to me and put your arm around my shoulder.

Why did you have to do that?
I don't think you understood how much that made me want to put my arms around your neck and kiss you.
But I had to keep my cool. So I looked down, blushing and you chuckled, causing me to look back up.

"Why the sudden chuckle, Bravo?" I asked, watching your eyes as they looked down at my legs. 
"Oh, nothing." You smiled and I felt my insides melt. My heart was ready to break out of my check and fall to the floor. 
"You tell me now!" I said, poking your chest, making you pretend to be hurt.
"Assault!" You cried and I laughed to your reply.

"Oh, this is going to be assault." I started to poke you even more, making you squirm. You got out from my poking and jumped off the wall with ease.
But I could never do that, and you knew it, I would always crawl down for the fear I would break my ankle if I jumped. You always reassured me that I wouldn't, but I didn't trust you.

This had happen all through the nine years we had been going to this place and it was going to stay that way. Yes, my bones may be stronger now, but I'm still the petite girl I was back then. And this time you needed to save me.
I kept swinging my legs as you turned to look at me, a smile on your face. "Is Miss. Gwen stuck?" You asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh ha ha ha! Get me down!" I grinned, crossing my arms just below my chest. You waved your hand in the air as if to dismiss my words.
"I'm sure my majesty can get down." You walked into the forest near by and disappeared. I called your name over and over again.
My thoughts were running wild in my mind. Did you really just disappear like that? Would you leave me up here?

I sat up there for another two minutes before slowly climbing down the wall. 
Being in this place alone never made me smile, it was creepy when you were with someone.
Especially someone you loved.

I walked, careful not to step on dead leaves as I entered the forest of green and red leaved trees. I shouted your name again, chancing it.
The leaves were crisp under my feet as I walked and held my breath. Thankfully it was autumn and the sun wasn't going down as quick as it was in winter. I couldn't find you as I walked through branches, some cobwebs and leaves. I nearly gave up.

I thought you had left me there. Really gone. My heart nearly changed at that second, but then you came up behind me and swooped me by my waist, spinning me around. You'd never done this before. It felt... amazing. To be held in your arms and swung around, the world spinning with the both of us.
You let me down and the world was dizzy for a second, I nearly fell, but you caught me and spun me around to face you.

"I thought you left m-me." I stuttered, touching my head. You laughed. 
"I'd never leave you, Gwen." You smiled and pulled me into a hug. The world started spinning again, but stopped when we both pulled out of the hug to look at each other.

Right now it felt so right, and I prayed you felt it too. It was perfect. The perfect timing to say it to you. So I took in a last deep breath before saying, "Can I tell you something?"
You looked at me with curiosity before replying, "If you may my queen."

My palms went sweaty around your neck as you still held me, my tongue threatened to not work, but I forced it to. My brain threatened to jumble up the words, but I told it not to. I had to get it right. Everyday I had been thinking about how I would do it, and finally, because it was here. I had to get it right.

"Bravo. I've loved you for nine years now. And it begun right here, when you showed me this. From that day on, I fell in love with you. Everything you said, everything you done was amazing and it made my heart pound. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's pounding right now. And I want you to know, that I'll never give up on you, even if you don't love me. But for nine years now, it's been on my chest and I need to get it out. And now that I have, it feels like a weights been lifted. Just know that you're in my heart." You looked at me, shocked, your mouth hanging open a little. I smiled, fear beginning to rise in my belly at the thought of being rejected. "But there is one more thing."

"What?" You said softly, making my insides tingle.
I let my head move closer to yours and I felt your breathing get heavy. The exact same effect you had on me whenever you came into close contact with me. I brushed your lips against mind and that sent a delightful shiver run down my spine. Then I pressed my lips against yours, sparks flying, fireworks bursting. And what made it even better, is you responded. You kissed like I imagined you would. Your lips softer than anything I had ever felt, your arms stronger than ever as they held me close to you.

But I had to back away, because I needed to know your answer.
What would be your answer?


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