Bringing back the lost!

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Recently I've felt like I've been drifting away from God, and I feel REALLY Bad! So here's a poem, hoping that God will see I love him very much and want to feel closer to him!

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




I saw God cry,
Large drowning tears,
And he whispered his worries,
Through my ears.

“They are lost,”
he cries,
and I see small fear in his eyes.

“They will find you,”
I reply,
Looking as I watched God cry.

“They will not listen,”
He wails,
His voice seems weak and frail.

“They will hear,”
I say,
Hoping to make the tears fade,

“They don’t pray,”
God sighs,
His tears almost dry,

“I will pray,”

I smile,

“And I will spread your word for the longest while!”
“And I shall scream from the rooftops,
on how I love you so,
and they will listen,
miles will my voice go!
Then I shall bring them back,
To the land of the Lord, so faith, love and unity will be restored.”

And that was when God smiled,
He held me with gentle hands,
His eyes glistened with love,
The love he had for fellow man.

“So I guess you are not lost,
I guess you are pure,
Bring my children forth,
And we shall enter heaven’s door.”

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