My Generation Rant

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"Only the wise survive in this world." - Quote:... Me;D!

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



*Holds hands up in surrender* First of all, I didn't make this to offend anyone! It's just a topic that has been on my mind! Second of all, if you don't like what I'm about to write about our generation, please (I'm literally begging you) turn away now!
It's just based on what I have been shown, what I see and what I have been told. AND what I've grown to realise is taking over our generation. So, let's begin!


1) Music: 

I'm religious! (Christian!) And well what we believe varies to what others may believe. But in the bible, it saids that the devil will arise onto this Earth and try to take over and manage to influence us all into thinking the word of the Lord is foolish.
Now after many amounts of research I have managed to look deeper into music (and into the Christian faith!). It has been shown that a 'pyramid with an eye' in it, is the sign of the devil (yeah! Surprise me too!). There have been many hand gestures with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce and all of those 'famous faces of the century' of a triangle. Which is another sign of the devil. As well as the covering of one eye (the all seeing eye!).
There is also the fact that in Rihanna's 'Umbrella' she edited her body to make the shape of the goat for a split second.

How this has something to do with our generation? It's changing the way they think. The words, the meanings, it's getting into their heads. Making them get connected with their hormones - another subject - with the help of the lyrics. Plus, do you ever get that feeling when the song replays in your mind, over and over again and you sing it over and over again? Well that's the point. The point is to make it as catchy as you can, for some words have a meaning when you listen to them backwards. *Holds up hands in surrender again* Now, I'm not trying to change your view on the music industry because of my religion, I'm just trying to make you all aware.
 Some have said to me that symbols do not mean anything, but I say they do. Symbols are a sign to show for something. 

So do you think symbols mean nothing?


2) Idols:

I've sat and looked at 'Idol's' these days. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga (Hate that man-bitch!), Britany Spears, you know... all of them!
What ever happened to Oprah? She's the best darn idol I can think of at this moment in!
Anyway, have you ever seen the way they present themselves? Their always half naked, or their face are covered in make up, or it's about big boobs and big bums! And the way it makes everyone else feel is that they have to be like them. That they have to change to be accepted by society and dress up like that. It makes me sick.

"Oh wow! Did you see rihanna's new red hairstyle? I'm going to dye my hair red now!" < Quotes from various girls in my high school.

I'm sorry, but since when did being original go out of style? Everyone is becoming a clone, following those above them. These aren't Idol's! These are just people who make it look like woman are just toys! They make it look as if we are nothing except a good figure and a pretty face. Which brings me on to my next subject....


3) Make-up

I understand when people have to add a little bit of make-up, you know, the usual mascara and lipgloss (I just wear lip gloss personally, the mascara makes people's eyes heavy!). But since when did dipping your face in a bucket of paint (not literally) and calling it 'make-up' apply? There are girls younger than me (9-10-11-12) being allowed to buy eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and blush! Please! If I was caught wearing as much make-up as they were, my mother would cuss me down so hard (don't worry! It's not a bad thing!).
And then there's the talk of 'Oh, I wear foundation because I have spots!". Look, I understand if you have acne, that's acceptable. But if you DIDN'T wear foundation, you WOULDN'T have spots. Gosh!

And it's on the same subject as 'Idol's'. You look up at them and they always wear make-up to make themselves look pretty. Yes, make-up can make you feel prettier, but just don't go painting your face with it.
Everyone has a side of natural beauty to them, and don't go covering your face with make-up and taking that away.


4) Partying!

I'm young and there are people younger than me allowed to go out till whatever time after dark to clubs where grown men can come and pedophile on them. No. No way am I out after dark!
Partying does not make you cool, fair enough after a certain age (16 probably) you can go alone or with a bunch of friends, that's okay! But there are clubs that have an under 13 night. I've been told they don't even care about your age, they just want your money.
The fact that they do not care about your age, or safety and only about how much money you get is discusting. 

If I could. I would burn the clubs and tell all the children to go home and read a damn book!


5) Smoking 

Oh joy! My favourite subject!:D
Smoking! Supposedly cool in my school! It makes you popular and makes your rating reach the sky.

I'm sorry, but I'd rather be alone and bullied instead of killing myself for popularity.
Since when was it so easy to buy cigarettes over the counter at such a young age? 
Apparently their mums get it for them (wow! You really shouldn't have kids by the way!)
You might as well be put in jail for abuse to your kids. 

I was once asked if I had ever smoked and when I shook my innocent head, there were gasps!
That's right! Gasps. Because I have still kept my damn innocent lungs away from those nasty things!


6) Pregnancy/Love/hormones

(Note: Rape is a totally different subject to what I am saying! The bastards to rape people need to burn in hell!)

First of all, I'm sick of these girls going 'I love him!' when they have only been dating the boy for a day, whilst they have only know him for a week.
Shut up, sit down and go read a romance book. THEN you will learn what love is!
It's the constant 'No, I love you more!' that gets on my nerves, when they hardly even know the guy. Fair enough if you have known him more than some months and you are close, best friends even, then it is acceptable!

Pregnancy... have you heard about the eleven year old that got pregnant?! With a fifteen year old? Are children these days that stupid?!
And her mum wasn't even angry at her! 
No, she wasn't raped, but the fact that she didn't think because she had sex before she wouldn't get pregnant (her words!)

Now-a-days, having a baby seems to be the new 'it'! You see young girls going around with a buggy and a baby, and a baby daddy. 
Does thou have no respect for themself?
Hormones *laughs*! No, you can't control them, but you can put a leash on them and hold them back. Girls/boys have started... doing a lot these days, not being able to control their hormones. And I just think the fact they have no respect for themselves just sends shiveres down my spine!


NOW! I could carry on ranting, but I'm tired. I'll carry on soon!
But I'm just saying:




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