The Battle For Piracia

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about a pirate named jack defending piracia from a naval fort.

The Battle for Piracia


Am I dying?” Jack Edwin wondered as he sank into the ocean, running out of oxygen. All he could see was cannon fire above the water, while the world went dark.Is this really how it ends?” He thought “Why now? Why do I have to die now? Will the world not let me live long enough to at least die with a reason, for a cause?” All these thoughts were racing in his head when, suddenly, the world went black.


Eight Hours Earlier


Jack Edwin walked out of his house and was headed for the docks, on the way he picked up a few supplies for his ship. At first glance, Jack Edwin seemed to be an ordinary man with an ordinary life. But if you were an ordinary man, then you knew of him, for he was the most notorious pirate to ever sail the seven seas. He had toppled governments and killed anyone who tried to stop him. His ship, Zeus’s Lightning, was feared for its lightning fast speed, immense cannon power, and invincible hull. His crew was made up of captured prisoners. He had never lost a battle, no matter what the circumstances may be. He was truly feared.

Jack lived in Piracia, an island republic that was at one point a Spanish naval fort. He had captured it only six months ago. It consisted of a tavern, a general store, a shipyard, a few hundred houses, and Jack’s mansion. It had two tall stone defense towers, filled with cannons ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

When Jack reached the docks he climbed onto his ship to find his first mate, Roberto Nolan, was waiting for him. “Well you're early” Jack said, “That’s a first, you're usually ten minutes late”.


“And you're late,” Roberto retorted, “what took you so long?”


“I was picking up supplies for the ship” Jack responded, “Mostly food for long voyages, but i also picked up some medicine, just in case someone falls ill while we are out at sea. At least i did something productive and was late. You’re usually late because you sleep in to long.


“But you were still late,” Roberto said, “doing something productive or not”.


“You win this argument, but only because I don’t have time for it” Jack said, “Is the ship ready for sailing?”


“Not yet captain,” Roberto replied, “we’re still missing one thing”.


“And what might that be?” Jack asked.


“You,” Roberto said, “You’re the only one who can steer this ship”


“Ha Ha Ha,” Jack said, with a sarcastic tone of voice, “very funny smart-” He suddenly stopped talking. He saw several hundred ships on the horizon, all of which were of spanish and British origin. They had everything from tiny gunboats to fully armed frigates, all of which were filled to the brim with soldiers, cannons, and anything else that could possibly be used as a weapon.


“Oh no,” Jack mumbled, “This isn’t good. Roberto, alert everyone in town, tell them to get to their houses and lock the doors. I’ll gather up all of the soldiers on the island and tell the crew to prepare the ship”


“Aye aye captain!” Roberto said as he ran to go alert the townspeople.


Suddenly, the islands defense towers fired all of their cannons, sinking a few boats. The front line of ships fired back, using all of their cannons, aiming for both of the defense towers. Both the defense towers crumbled as if they were sand castles.


Meanwhile, Jack had gathered all of the town’s soldiers. There were about one hundred and fifty of them, each with two swords and a pair of muskets. They were highly trained killing machines.


“Alright men!” Jack yelled, so they could all hear him, “Our defenses have been destroyed, and those ships are ready to fire at any time. We have no time to spare. We only have thirty boats, so we will put ten to fifteen of you on each one, and send some empty boats filled with gunpowder at their front lines, destroying a few of them. Are we ready?”


“Yes captain!” they all shouted in unison.


“Then get out there and fight for Piracia!” He shouted and then they ran for the boats. Jack rushed for his boat as well, finding Roberto already waiting for him. “Give me a status report Roberto”

“There are about two-hundred ships, all of which are ready to fire” Roberto replied, “Our ship is fully loaded and ready to set sail. They haven't fired their second shot yet, as if waiting for us.”


“Well, they won’t have to wait any longer. Roberto, tell the crew to raise anchor. We’re going to save Piracia, no matter what the cost may be.” Jack said.


“Aye aye captain!” Roberto replied.


Jack grabbed the wheel; the anchor was raised, and set sail. He told the crew to raise all of the sails. At full speed, Jack would be at the enemy brigade in a matter of seconds and hopefully to fast to hit. The front lines of the brigade suddenly fired, sinking two of Piracia’s manned ships.


Jack reached the brigade and fired cannons of his own, sinking two gunboats and a brig. A ship from the middle of the enemy brigade fired its cannons, missing Jack’s ship by mere feet. The ship that fired was the fleet’s biggest ship. Jack pulled out his telescope to see who the captain was, and was shocked at who he saw. It was the Spanish king himself, King Ferdinand the Fourth, the strongest, most powerful Spanish ruler to ever live. He was accompanied by a British governor, George Hemingway, who had almost as much power as King Henry himself.


Jack and his fleet fired everything they had at the brigade, sinking the entire front line and damaging some other ships. The powder decoy boats reached the brigade and exploded, sinking at least twenty-five more ships. The enemy fired back, sinking four more of Piracia’s ships. This constant back and forth cannon fire continued for at least two more hour, till There were only thirty enemy ships left.  Jacks fleet had been reduced to two boats other than his own.


“We’re down to three boats in total captain” Roberto said, “We’re outnumbered ten to one. What do we do now?”


“We board King Ferdinand's ship” Jack replied, “We will kill both Ferdinand and Hemingway, but first we'll need to destroy their sails.”

Jack pulled up next to Ferdinand’s boat, but far enough away to angle his cannons at the enemy’s sails. He was about to give the order to fire the cannons when, suddenly, he was shot in the chest. He turned to see George Hemingway, holding his rifle, which he had just shot jack with. Jack stumbled towards the edge of his ship, and fell off.


Am I dying?” Jack Edwin wondered as he sank into the ocean, running out of oxygen. All he could see was cannon fire above the water, while the world went dark.Is this really how it ends?” He thought “Why now? Why do I have to die now? Will the world not let me live long enough to at least die with a reason, for a cause?” All these thoughts were racing in his head when, suddenly, the world went black.


Jack woke with a start. He was in his ships captains cabin, lying on his bed. He was shirtless, with bandages around his chest. His chest stung with immense pain. He slowly sat up and recollected what had happened. He stood up, staggering a little bit, but he quickly steadied himself. He heard cannon fire and screaming.


Jack found his shirt and put it on. He grabbed his swords and muskets. He walked out of the captains cabin to find Roberto commanding the ship, frantically barking orders. He had no idea what he was doing.


Jack came up from behind him and said, “Let me take it from here”


Roberto turned around looking like the most surprised yet happy person alive. “Captain! You’re up.” he said. “Thank god. If you hadn’t woken up, we would all be dead. Take it from here captain.”


“Aim for the sails and fire everything we have” Jack shouted, “Then throw the grappling lines and pull them in.”


The crew did so, decimating the sails and reeling the ship in with ease. Jack then jumped from his ship to the king’s. He started slashing at all of the enemy crew, chopping off heads and cutting of limbs, his crew doing the same. He ran straight for the Ferdinand and George, killing any enemies in his path.


His crew finished off the rest of the enemy crew with ease. Jack sliced at the king first, who blocked Jack’s strike. The king then struck back, with both of his swords. Jack countered him and threw him to the ground. George then swung at Jack, but to no avail. Jack countered him and threw him at King Ferdinand, who was starting to get up.


Jack held the tips of his swords to each of their necks. “Any last words?” Jack said, “even though they won't matter”.


“You pirates don’t have the nerve to kill us” George said. “You're too chicken-”


He was cut off by a sword plunging into his throat. Jack pulled out his blade, which was covered in blood. He watched, with no feeling of regret or remorse, as the Governor held his hands to his throat, blood filling his lungs and spilling from his mouth. His hands dropped from his neck, and he died, blood squirting from the freshly cut hole in his neck.


“And you?” Jack asked Ferdinand, “Any last words?”


“I don’t speak to scum like-” He tried to speak, but was cut off by a sword being plunged into his throat. Jack left his sword there while watching the king bleed from his mouth and nose. Jack removed his sword when the king was done suffering and body went limp. Jack cut off both of their heads and held them in his hands.


He walked back to his ship, gracefully jumping from the king’s to his, as if nothing had happened. He handed the heads to Roberto and said “Were going back to shore to get these taxidermied. The rest of the enemy fleet is already fleeing, but I’ll leave it to our last two ships to sink them all. Burn the king’s ship to ashes. Piracia is safe forever now or at least for a very long time”.


Roberto stared at the heads in his hands with the utmost look of disgust. He didn’t know what to say except “Aye aye captain!”


Submitted: November 21, 2014

© Copyright 2021 twpr2002. All rights reserved.

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