The Flood Water

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What was meant for destruction was turned into a life's lesson. No matter how difficult a situation may be, someone is there to help put the pieces together.

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011




From dusty plains to sodden mud,

One blink away from total flood.

As sunny days have turned to rain,

Who could predict just how much came?

The weather report, just a little shower:

Nature now showing her brutal power.

It all came so fast, no time to act,

An island and that’s a fact.

So many towns so widely spread,

God only knows what could be said.

A whole life’s work to build a home,

Patiently waiting, cling to your phone.

A beautiful city, a sleepy little town.

Suddenly drowning, water all around.

Women and children struggling to keep their feet,

A whopping great river down the main street.

Rushing water never before seen

Wishing this was all a dream.

Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters

Clinging to rooftops amongst raging waters.

Before your very eyes, things washing awayy

Cars, boats, homes and bales of hay.

Homes and lives gone with no time to glance,

It all happened so quickly, some had no chance.

People pulling together, fighting the tide,

So many people with unbeatable pride.

Loved ones lost, livelihoods gone,

Still they all strive, bravely facing the storm.

Hundreds of people brought to their knees,

Hoping and praying for their families.

There couldn’t be more to add to these blues,

Wanting and waiting for hopeful good news.

Creeks turn to rivers and rivers to lakes,

Desperate to cross, a grave mistake.

Bags full of courage, even from kids,

Climbing from cars as they flipped on their lids.

A sea of muddy water, it’s hard to conceive.

The stories being told, so hard to believe.

Incredible stories of people binding together,

Striving through the unforgivable weather.

Doing all they can, not knowing one another,

Risking their lives for an unknown brother,

Brave rescues of many, no matter how shaken,

Broken records, destruction and many lives taken.

What could be said but proceed with cauthin?

Once in a lifetime catastrophe of biblical proportion.

Clinging to life no matter the cost,

Everything’s gone, everything’s lost.

Hearts are broken while spirits are strong,

Together everyone working, they must go on.

This unbelievable catastrophe we shall never forget,

A time of great courage; for others, regret.

So much to clean up, oh where to begin

As the doom and gloom begin to set in?

A new day has dawned, so many in strife,

Picking up pieces from yesterday’s life.

A event to remember till the end of all time

An army of heroes put their lives on the line.

We shall get through when nature goes wrong,

Band together, we will carry on.

A moment of silence for those now past,

Our memories of them forever will last.

In the days to come, let’s all find inspiration,

A band of brothers through much devastation.

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