It Only Takes One Step

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13th Story. That's how high I am standing right now. My life, there's nothing left to it. Three word's seem to bring a smile to my face, the first smile in months. Three small words....

.....End. It. All.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



My foot slipped. My heart missed a beat. My eyes snapped shut. And my mouth opened. I yelled.

“Up there!” I could hear a faint woman’s voice yell. I pulled myself onto the ledge.

I’m on the ledge on the 13th story of the St. Patrick’s Hotel, New York City, New York. It’s not a place many people go. I looked down to see a crowd of people move in my area, staring straight at me.

“What’s he doing,” Another woman yelled. I couldn’t make out most people’s words of confusion. I can barely hear myself think with my heart beating so loud. I knew soon police would show, and shortly afterwards news crews. I’d explain my story once, and once is all.

It took longer than I anticipated. Over half-an-hour. I didn’t really want the publicity, but I knew I’d get it; I also kinda wanted to get my story out.

“Sir, please move to the window on your right!” I heard a man with a megaphone yell. I looked down to see it was a police officer.

“No,” My hoarse voice yelled back. “I know what I’m doing, I have my reasons!”

“No, you don’t know what could happen with one wrong move!” He tried to tell me.

What do they think I am, retarted? I know what I’m doing. A man doesn’t accidentally stumble up to where I am. ‘Oh officer, yeah, just ask and I’d love to come down. Let’s just forget I almost took my life!’ I thought to myself, grinning to myself the entire time.

“Yes I do. I know what will happen, whether you believe it’s an accident or on purpose. I know what will happen.” I told him.

He started to talk, when a woman dressed nice came up and stole his megaphone. “What’s your story sir? Why are you up there?” She asked me.

I knew the cameras were on me. I knew I had to talk.

“My life isn’t so great!” I said. Obviously, everyone knew that.

“Will you tell is the entire story?” She asked us. Unbelievable, the public doesn’t even care if I’m going to jump or not, just why I’m up there.

“Well, ya see, I’m a sad man now. I’m 39 years old, and my life was great. I had it all! I was king of my world! Nothing could stop me. I just got promoted to Vice President at work, was getting paid thousands more per week! My wife, of 18 happy years, was pregnant again.”

I started to choke on my words.

“My oldest son,” I continued. “Just got a scholarship to Purdue! He was going to be an all-star basketball player! My brother just got back from Iraq, stuck there for two years as a Prisoner of War. It was sad; it was torture for him and us. But he made it back, in one piece.”

“Sir-” She tried to say.

I interrupted her and kept going. “We decided to go to Hawaii to celebrate everything. It seemed like a great idea! We were heading out, when I got a call from work. I stayed late, and told them to head to the airport. I told them to grab my packed bags and head out; I’d make it soon.”

I wiped a tear sliding down my face. “They finally agreed and left the house. I finished my work, and got in my car. I turned the radio on to the news and listened as I headed to the airport.”

“ A semi hauling timber crushed them. The timber came loose and crushed our mini van. My wife, two sons, brother, and unborn kid died. I just wish instantly, they said my wife was alive when they got there. She died from a wound, glass smothered her face and body, piercing through more than twenty times.”

I stopped, expecting a question. No one talked. A teenager started laughing, I took off my shoes and chucked them at him. I untie both shoes and take one off and throw it. It misses Before I take off the other shoe the woman tells me to calm down, and it stays on, untied.

“May you be damned to an eternal life of punishment and pain!” I yelled at him. “Anyways, I soon lost my job for missing so much work, weeping over their deaths. I was already losing the house. My sister recently died of cancer and my parents both died, too. I had no one left. No one.”

I wasn’t even aware of my surroundings anymore. I didn’t know I was still on the ledge. Only aware of what I was saying.

“I was told by my doctors I was depressed. He told me I needed a hobby, something to look forward too. I didn’t need a hobby, I needed nothing! Everything is pointless! Nothing to live for, any of us!”

People started shouting, telling me I have plenty to live for. I don’t listen. I look down, and get dizzy. I hear a helicopter, its loud speaker telling me not to jump.

I think about it. My life was pointless, but I used to be so happy. What if I could be like that again? I decide to live. I wanted true happiness, at least one more time.

I don’t jump.

My shoeless foot steps on my untied shoelace as I try to sidestep towards the window. I trip, outwards.

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