7th Grade Persuasive Essay

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Last year, our class had to write a persuasive essay on a social issue. I chose suicide as a social issue because it is slowly ravaging the world, and this is the result. Remember, I wrote this last year, so it probably will not be my best.

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



Suicide Awareness

A dead child lay in a sealed coffin. A funeral is held at a local funeral home. As the audience is clouded with a hanging atmosphere of sorrow, a preacher speaks to the crowd. “Before he took his own life, this boy thought to himself, 'no one would miss me if I was gone'. But look at all the people who miss him today." Crying faces and tears are buried in arms. There are three possible forms of harassment that could lead to this situation: bullying, obsession over self-image, and tension in relationships.

Bullying is one of the most major issues America faces today. It is a widespread “disease” that plagues schools across the country and is possibly the number one cause of adolescent suicide or self-abuse. Bullying is the act of derogatory behavior from one person to the next, and it can seriously harm the victim in ways that are often overlooked. You don’t want to bully this boy at school consistently, and then find out that he took his own life, do you?

Another cause is obsession over self-image, and it’s also a popular reason. Unfortunately, many students are a victim of self-image obsession every day. Adolescents around the years of Middle School evaluate themselves according to the latest fashion or fad. They don’t stop to consider just being themselves, and most often, they might end up in a sealed coffin just like the other boy.

The third reason of suicide is tension in relationships. Everybody knows them, whether it is with a boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, friend/friend (uncommon), or mom/dad. Tension is caused by fights, quarrels, and even disagreements. It all tends to end up damaging both people in the relationship if tension is involved, and to a lesser but still saddening extent: suicide or self-abuse.

There are many impurities in the world, and suicide is a very depressing one. If we could all help stop the causes from occurring, we could also help stop suicide and self-abuse. The world can be a better place if we can cease bullying, obsession over self-image, and tension in relationships. If those causes end, that boy in the sealed coffin may still be alive today.

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