Dragon Rider (Poem)

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To soar the skies, to risk it all,
will this be enough, or will he fall?

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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Submitted: October 03, 2012




Through the ages, many poets have tried

To record the humans who have defied

The barrier between normalcy and fantasy

By sailing through the pale blue skies

On the dragons they ride.


And of these Dragon riders, we will focus on one

A man by the name, he proclaimed



Tharitol, known throughout the kingdom of Palisaide

Who practiced a ritual forbade

The practice of dragon riding

In secret, he disregarded the laws set forth.


Soon, war came to Palisaide

And the royal army gathered together in arrays

Led by General Kraed

To march upon the city of Yttrium

Whose walls soared seamlessly into the open air

Guarding the evil villain’s lair.


The Palisaidian Army was met with heavy resistance

Banners burned

The tables turned

Yttrium’s battalion trampled the poor, impish soldiers.


When all hope seemed lost, one man called

“Look, up there, in the sky!”

And what a mix of fear and surprise swelled amongst them

Tharitol, on his scarlet red dragon, he did fly.

When the ancient dragon’s jaw went agape

And blistering hot flames burst forth

The army of Yttrium fell

And Palisaide was safe.

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