A Starlet in the Woods

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This is a pretty cheesy story about Selena Gomez and her (fake) boyfriend camping in the woods. It was a school project but I wanted to post it to see how people liked it.

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013



Northern Carolina. Cold in the winter and hot in the summer. A dream destination for many campers, fishers, and hunters from all around Canada and the United States of America. In the middle of May it’s bear hunting season. Hunters from across the country and even from Europe and Asia come over to hunt the local black bear population. I’m one of those hunters. My girlfriend (Selena Gomez) and I are here for a week to see if I can get us a bear.

A light wind blows in from the east as I lie face up on my small air mattress. The sun makes its slow descent across the blue sky as we embark in our first night in the woods. Selena works on keeping the fire going while I write my first day’s log. It’s not a long log; just few sentences long but it keeps me out of the cold and away from the snapping twigs and rustling bushes. Plus it makes Selena happy to see me finally doing something other than feeling sorry for myself.

A few months ago I was laid off my job at Google. Ever since then I’ve been doing small Tech Support jobs around the neighborhood to make a bit of money. Without Selena working full time we’d never have enough money to feed ourselves or pay our bills. After about two weeks of random computer jobs and a few ill-fated job interviews with Yahoo and Microsoft I was in the darkest time of my life. All I could think about was suicide. Again if it weren’t for Selena I would probably be dead somewhere from an overdose or a gunshot. This camping trip is supposed to lighten my spirit and create adventure in our otherwise normal and boring lives.

“James, can you come help me with dinner?” asks Selena from outside the tent in her soft, extremely feminine voice.

“Hang on, I’m almost finished,” I say.

I finish up the last two sentences of my personal insights and tuck my notebook safely away in my camping back towards the right side of the tent near all of Selena’s clothes. The smell of wood smoke and bug spray are so potent from outside the tent that they mingle into one smoky chemical smell which masks the smell of dirt and sweat.

Selena currently places strips of Cutthroat Trout on wooden sticks which are being held over the fire to smoke the fish. We got quite lucky today; catching three fish which should feed us for tonight and tomorrow if we’re lucky. What I’d really like is a bear though. Having never have shot a bear before I want to experience something other than the regular deer and goat. I have tasted bear though; it’s tender, juicy, and very good with a cold bottle of beer.

“What do you need me to do?” I ask.

Selena throws two potatoes wrapped in a layer of tinfoil for baked potatoes and pokes them around with a long, green stick so the potatoes are directly in the fire’s embers. She also stirs a pot of beef broth which slowly comes to a boil in a pot set over the fire.

“Can you cut these for me?” she asks.

I grab a bunch of chives from Selena’s soft, newly moisturized hands. Her fingers drag across the top of my rough, dry skin. The chives are fresh and the ends are covered in a small tuff of dirt. Using a sharp, stainless steel blade, I chop up the chives into small, unprecedented pieces. I scrape the tiny pieces of chopped up chives onto a square of white paper towel.

“Thank you,” says Selena as I pour the chives into the pot of boiling soup.

As I fold up the paper towel to use later, Selena kissing me on the cheek and wraps her arm around me while she gently stirs the meat broth and chive mixture.

“Are you having fun?” I ask kissing the back of her neck.

“Making dinner? Yes, like I never could’ve had an experience like this at home,” says Selena sarcastically.

“You know what I mean,” I say.

“Yeah, I’m having a great time,” she says.

“Just wait until tonight,” I say winking.

“Is that all you think of?” she asks turning her head away from the meal and to my smirking face.

“When I'm with you, yes,” I say.

Selena rolls her eyes and continues cooking. She can’t complain about having to cook dinner. I volunteered to cook tonight but she wouldn’t take my offer. She said that while I could do many things tonight, her abilities to work affectively in the woods are limited to only a select few things. Cooking and cleaning are two of them.

I unfold two fabric lined lawn chairs and position them around the fire. Sliding a beer into the cup holder in mine, and popping the cap off a bottle of cider for Selena, I make myself comfortable and watch Selena from behind. I can’t help but marvel over the beauty of my girlfriend. Her long, black hair gently sways in the wind and her full red lips adorn her soft, silky face. Her eyes are like chocolate truffles resting on a pillow of cushiony cotton.

Her touch is gentle and caring like you’d use in the treatment of an injured dove. Her tall, slender figure is something of a dream and her willingness to show off this body is unrelenting. She’s subtly beautiful when she’s covered in thick clothing and weighted down with scarves but beneath the thick down and dark sunglasses which you almost never catch her without, you find the friendliness which you’d expect from your grandparents and the beauty you’d expect to only find in fairy tales.

As she finishes the perfect concoction of broth and veggies the smell wafts forward and catches into the breeze. The scent of the trout draws in my taste buds and causes my mouth to fill with saliva. I haven’t eaten since lunch and that was nearly six hours ago. I wonder if we’ll have to wait this long for all our meals. I hope not, I enjoy the wilderness scene more than most people but my reliance on three meals a day being served on a regular basis is something I live by. I’ve crafted it from the regular work schedule, Selena’s family schedule, and our down time to spend around the TV curled up under a soft blanket watching a romantic movie which Selena picked out. Most of our down time is spent this way. Since Selena is working so much I decided to let her chose most of what we do for fun. She trades it off sometimes and asks me what I’d like to do but other than the few odd times here and there and my birthday, I'm pretty much happy to do whatever she wants.

“Almost done. Do you mind grabbing the plates?” she asks stirring the soup a final time before she retracts the spoon and lies it down on a piece of paper towel.

I take not time in locating the paper plates which lie just below the plastic wrap and package of napkins. Cutting the plastic with the edge of my finger nail, I remove the packaging and hand Selena a plate. She places it down on the flat top of a large, smooth piece of slate and retrieves the tongs to pull the baked potatoes out of the crackling fire.

I help by holding out another plate for the potatoes. Selena looks both pleased at the meal and my willingness to help her in the creation of such a good wilderness meal. I take great care in removing the tin foil from the potatoes as to not burn myself on the searing hot piece of aluminium.

While I’m preparing the potatoes, Selena pours the soup into two mugs-Selena couldn’t go without coffee every morning-and gently removes the trout from it’s spit. The trout is the one part of this meal which I find questionable. Smoked salmon is one thing-the natives have been eating it for years-but smoked trout isn’t as heard of as it’s red colored counterpart. I’m not saying it won’t be edible, I’m just saying that it might have a certain taste that must be acquired. For Selena’s sake I hope I have this acquired taste.

Now that we have our meal we can sit down and relax around the fire. Thankfully the breeze is blowing in from our back which blows the smoke in the opposite direction but doesn’t waft any of the cedar smell away from us. Taking in the setting sun, the perfect meal, and the perfect girl; I'm in heaven. What more could I ask for which isn’t right here in front of me? A bear.

After dinner Selena decides she’d like to get a little more comfortable. Her silk pajama weren’t really suitable for this type of trip so I bought her cheap, yet fluffy pajama pants to wear while we’re around the fire. The pink colored minky type pajamas really don’t match the grey sweat shirt she has on but who really cares? There’s no one around to see it.

The crackling of the fire is loud enough to deter any animals from curiously wandering into our camp and the smoke plus the aging bug spray should be enough to keep unwanted bugs away from us. Selena sits in her chair; her sleeping bag wrapped around her legs to keep her warm in the cooling air.

“Where do you think this relationship is going?” asks Selena.

“I’m hoping the bedroom,” I say with a wink.

“Seriously, I want to know,” she says.

“Selena, you know how I feel. If I didn’t think we were going to work would I be out in the wilderness with you?” I ask.

“No, but I want to hear it,” she says sheepishly.

“Selena, I love you,” I say.

“I love you too,” she says.

Selena smiles and starts poking the fire with the same green stick she used for the potatoes. Her amusement at this is befuddling. How she can enjoy poking a blazing hot fire with a stick is just a mystery to me. I mean there’s nothing to be gained or lost. But she’s pretty so I'm not going to complain.

“I’m going to bed,” I say with a big yawn.

It’s not very late and the lighting is just starting to become dim but I'm tired from the erection of the tent to the making of the fire; a goodnight sleep might be just what I need to do some effective bear hunting tomorrow after breakfast. Selena stretches out her legs and decides she might as well come with me. The air is becoming cool and causes my fingers to become partially numb making opening the zipper a much harder task than it should be.

“Wait, I have to use the washroom,” says Selena.

“So? Go use the washroom. I’m not going to watch,” I say.

“What if a bear comes?” she asks childishly.

“Then you get eaten,” I say.

“Haha, I'm serious,” she says.

“There aren’t any bears here. If there was I would’ve shot them by now. You’ll be fine,” I say.

“Okay, but if I get attacked it’s on you,” she says jokingly.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” I say as Selena disappears around the backside of the tent.

I can her here walk about twenty meters into the woods until she becomes out of earshot. I unzip my sleeping bag and slide myself between the thick, fluffy down sheeting which makes up the bag. I fluff up my pillow and place it on the head of the air mattress. It’s small which means Selena and I will be pushed together most of the night to keep us from falling off the side. At least we’ll be warm.

“Ouch!” says Selena as she makes her way back through the woods to out tent.

“What happened? Attacked by a bear?” I ask as she enters the tent.

“I think a hummingbird bit me,” she says.

“Nature must really hate you if hummingbirds are becoming savages,” I say.

“Seriously, whatever it was, it was huge,” she says.

“Just shut the tent and let’s get some sleep. I want to teach you how to set rabbit snares in the morning,” I say rolling over in my sleeping bag to face away from the tent entrance.

“You’re bossy,” says Selena zipping up the tent.

“You’re whiny,” I say.

Selena gently punches me in the shoulder before she nestles up into her sleeping bag. I shut my eyes and let the thoughts of Selena drive me to sleep. Many a night I’ve spent thinking about her. Her amazing ability to sing, dance, and act. Her undying love for dogs. Her unwillingness to admit defeat in times of almost certain failure. And probably my favorite thing about her is the passion she shows towards helping others. It’s amazing that someone with all this could be beautiful and interesting at the same time. It’s her thrive for excellence which is what sends me into the depths of sleep tonight.

A dry, cool morning air fills the tent and dimly filtered light forces its way through the light weight nylon covering. I roll over in my sleeping bag but don’t bother opening my eyes. It’s too early to be awake, why I am isn’t something that I can’t answer. I pull my arm out of the sleeping bag and reach out to pull myself in close to Selena. When my hand finds nothing but the feeling of the air mattress I open my eyes to notice Selena’s absence from the tent. I roll back over and notice the door to the tent has been left open and Selena’s slippers are missing.

“What the hell is she doing?” I ask myself.

I force myself to get out of bed and go look for her. It’s possible she just went out to use the washroom but I don’t think she’d leave the tent open. If she’s sleep walking then I’m going to have a hell of a time getting her back. Selena used to sleep walk a while ago. At first it was cute-she’d wake up in the strangest places and wonder how she got there-but it started to become a pain. She wasn’t getting enough sleep, her memories were becoming bundled together, she was forgetting to do things, and worst of all; she was irritable all the time. I hope that isn’t what she’s doing right now.

I throw on my sandals and get out of bed. I’m still waking up so my movement isn’t graceful or thoughtful. I stumble out of the tent and into the cool morning air. Through the canopy, light struggles to find a path to the ground and only has room to pass in a few select areas. We’re sleeping in a particularly sunny patch of earth.

I don’t have to walk far to find her. She stands over by a tree facing the other way. Even though I know she heard me she doesn’t turn around. She doesn’t move at all. Her body just stands there facing away from our camp. Even her hair doesn’t move despite the breeze. She’s got to be sleep walking.

“Selena? Come back inside, it’s cold out here,” I say.

She doesn’t respond. Her arms hang at her side like to pendulums swaying in a clock. They gentle swing back and forth for no particular reason. This seems so strange. Even when she used to sleep walk I could always get her to come back to bed if I found her. I decide that she’s not doing anyone any harm out here and might as well go back to bed. It’s not cold enough to get frostbite and there’s no sign of rain so hypothermia is out of the question. As long as she doesn’t try and run through the woods she’ll be fine.

“I’m going back inside, do what you want,” I say tiredly wiping at my eyes.

I stumble back towards the tent and as I'm climbing inside, the loud crack of my hunting rifle blasts from behind me. I spin as fast as I can to see Selena holding my gun in the air, her finger on the trigger. Her face is pale and looks extremely angry. I instinctively put my hands in the air signaling for her not to shoot. It’s now I notice the blood covering her legs and arms. It doesn’t seem to come from anywhere it’s just there.

“Selena? What the fuck?” I ask trying to get as far away from her as I can.

She still doesn’t say anything. Again she just stands there. I decide I'm going to have to get the gun from her just to ensure my safety. I slowly move forward now, keeping my hands in the air. As I get closer and closer to Selena I can see just what happened with her. Her face is also cut but doesn’t have the blood like her arms and legs. Large bruises covered her exposed skin and parts of her pajamas have been ripped. What happened to her?

I’m within only a few feet when I slowly reach out for the gun. My hand wraps around the barrel and slowly aims it to the side of both of us to minimize the chance of an accident to occur. Selena doesn’t seem to even notice me. Her eyes just look forward.

I manage to get the gun from her and now look for a way to get her to wake up. As my hand extends out again to touch her arm I start to think about what possessed her to shoot? She didn’t even shoot anything, just the air. You’d think that would’ve been signal for something.

Just as the tips of my fingers touch Selena’s wrist, it happens. Her arm jolts back, she moves forwards and I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I lose my balance and fall backwards onto the cold, rough earth. I look down to lay eyes on a knife buried hilt deep in my abdomen. Blood oozes from the side but the knife stops move of it from escaping. Selena stands over me, her eyes staring into mine. Before hers were warm, welcoming, and beautiful but now they’re nothing more than hollow holes filled with darkness.

“Selena? Oh my god,” I say.

I cough up blood and lie on my back. As I close my eyes I feel the knife being withdrawn from me and held in the air. I open my eyes to see Selena kneeling over me holding the knife in two hands above my head. I shake my head trying to get her to stop but her eyes don’t respond. She doesn’t do anything to suggest her slowing down. In a last ditch effort I throw my arm up into her face, punching her directly in the jaw. Her head jolts and she loses her balance which causes her to fall to the side. She doesn’t take any time in getting back up and moving towards me. I manage to get onto my hands and knees and retrieve the knife which she dropped in the process. She reaches out and grabs my wrist; she tries to pry the knife from my hands and actually manages to get it from me.

I have to think quick again. I don’t have much time before I bleed out and I'm not going to let Selena do any more damage to me. I need to stop her. Waking her up seems impossible. She has no idea what she’s done and thinks it’d all just a dream. But what she’s done is irreversible and will ultimately end in my death. I crawl over to my gun and in my final attempt to wake her up, I hit her in the head with the butt end. Instead of waking her up it knocks her down and renders her unmoving.

Why is this happening? My thoughts are starting to become muddles and my vision blurs. Selena still lies on the ground unmoving and all my questions are on her. Why did she do this? What could’ve possessed her to kill me? Tears squeeze through my eyes as I know what I have to do. I can’t let her do this to someone else. I have only one option and it’s in my hands right now.

I turn to Selena who is returning to her feet like a serial killer from those horror movies. She shakes her head and turns to look at me. It’s the shock on her face that lets me know she’s awake. Her eyes are wide and her entire face is worried. She sees the barrel of a gun being raised at her in defense. She also must see the heavy amount of blood coming from me and staining the solitary woods.

“James?” she asks.

It doesn’t matter that she’s awake. I have to do it. Selena sees the pain in my eyes as I prepare to do the hardest thing of my life. My finger presses down on the trigger and in a flash of light, a burst of heat, and a surge of sound I do my final act of love. Selena’s head jolts backwards as the bullet makes contact with her heart. Her limp body falls backwards and lands in a heap on the ground. I watch as al the life drains out of her. She’s alive for only a second before her breathing stops and her heart shuts down. I rest my head on the ground and wait for death myself. My breathing is weak and my heart rate rapid. It won’t be long until I bleed out because of my wounds.

If god does exist, he couldn’t have been more present. I feel his presence as I wait for death. The sun shifts in such a way to give me an enlightened final resting place. A bird flutters down from the trees and lands just inches away from me. Despite me, it stays and starts digging around in the dirt. As I close my eyes for a final time, I feel god. Not in the way most people would. I don’t feel like he’s taking me up or anything, I feel like he’s here to forgive me. I don’t feel guilty for what I did.

I feel my body slow as I take my last few breaths. I couldn’t open my eyes if I wanted to now. I take my last breath of air, exhale loudly, and let death sweep over our little campsite. I’m taken into an abyss of darkness where I find no one but myself. This darkness is not unknown to me. I know it as the abyss of death. That’s how everyone knows it. I don’t have much to say about it. It’s plain, black, and lonely. But I guess if I had to describe it in one word I could. Peaceful.



The bodies of James Tonto and Selena Gomez were found only three days later by a group of hunters making their way north. They reported it as a double suicide but further repots came out saying it was a defensive murder. The blame was never given and no one ever knew how Selena killed her boyfriend. Selena’s death stuck millions of people across the world and candle light vigils were heard in remembrance of her caring attitude, and loving stature in the world. Some people believe her death to be meaningful to them. Like it was meant for them to know that even the highest of people can fall. But no one really knows for sure. But one thing is known for sure. No one will even know the full truth to what happened that morning. No one will fully understand why Selena’s did what she did, and to this day, on the tenth anniversary of her death, we still don’t understand how a sweet, caring woman like Selena could turn so brutal. The anniversary marks the moving on of a nation, and as remembrance for what happened, Selena’s mother has asked that Selena’s mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame should be marked with her favorite quote.


“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” --Friedric

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