I'm Your Quiet Little Polar Bear

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Just a little piece of flash fiction I wrote back in June 2008.

Everything was blurry when I opened my eyes. I searched for my glasses, but I couldn't find them. The TV was still on, playing alternative rock songs. I fell asleep too late last night, so I couldn't remember my dream. The vague memory of my friend and I was all that remained.

I rolled to the side of the bed and sat up; my back ached. My glasses were right next to me, so I slid them on. The blurriness disappeared and everything was clear again. I struggled to stand up, and when I did, I wanted to just lie down again. My knees popped as I stepped away from my bed, and it didn't bother me.

My room was so cold, yet I was very comfortable. The chill stabbed at my limbs, but I could feel no pain. There's no way I could be a human. Any other person would freeze or at least get a cold. Yet I was perfectly fine in my icy chamber. I joked and said I must be a polar bear.

My doorknob was freezing as I grabbed it; it did not make me let go. I twisted it and took a step out of my small fortress. I was greeted by a nice warm breeze, and it felt amazing against my frozen skin. I continued downstairs where I was greeted by more warmth. This was also very comforting to me.

After awhile, I retreated back my solitude. The transition of warmth to cold was refreshing as I closed the door behind me. The cold made me happy, and I didn't want to leave.

Submitted: August 15, 2010

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