Let's Say Goodbye for the Hundreth Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just another night for a serial killer.

Submitted: January 30, 2011

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Submitted: January 30, 2011



The windows may be black,

but I know you're inside.

Silly girl, you didn't lock your door.


I don't bother being quiet.

I want you to hear me.

I want you to hear Death approach.


You're whimpering is too loud,

for I can hear you from down here.

You've never done this before, have you?


I find you on your bed with a knife in hand.

It's pathetic how you think you can win.

I step closer and closer, grinning.


You give your war cry and lunge,

but a nimble step to the left thwarts your attempt.

I pull out my own blade from within my coat.


You swing again and jump off the bed.

The metal misses once more as I take hold of your wrist.

Now you're mine, silly girl.


I slide it in slowly so you can feel it,

your skin gives in too easily.

The wetness trickles over my fingers.


You wriggle in my arms as you grow weak.

The devil grins in pleasure when you give in.

I lay you gently back on the bed.


You look so beautiful there,

the wetness shining in the moonlight.

You did better than the others, my dear.


I pull back the red blade and examine it.

I stretch out my tongue and taste.

Sweet, sweet nectar.


I make my way down the stairs,

go out the way I came.

I look at the dark house once more.


I think of when they will find you.

I think of when will be the next time.

I think of who will be the next silly girl.


I turn and venture home.

I'll remember this in my dreams.

How quick, how easy, how fun!

© Copyright 2020 Tyler Gohde. All rights reserved.

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