the girl with skin as white as snow

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I wasnt ever like anywhere till she came along and i love her but somethings gone wrong

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



The girl with skin as white as snow

Girl with skin as white as snow

Girl with a heart as sweet as doe

I met you when I was sad and down

The only thing I could make was a frown

My voice had no inspiration

And every face I saw had no invitation

I thought nothing would get better

I felt cold I thought I didn’t matter

I looked around to only see

The hate most had for me

My friend who wasn’t really

Introduced me to u

Well I thought you were silly

You are fun nice

With skin that looked as cold as ice but softer that cotton

Next day you weren’t there I thought you had forgotten

But then you said hi

I felt as if I had to cry

The smile on your face brightened my day

There was something I wanted to say

I waited and waited for the right moment

But then you told me someone was here someone you hadn’t seen in a while

This time I was a little scared of your beautiful smile

I couldn’t believe my ears

It almost brought me to tears

Your boe came back to town

I smiled even though I wanted to frown

My heart shattered like ice to a wall

My heart said why

My brain said die

I thought of falling to my knees

And begging pls pls pls

But then I thought what would that show I can’t live without you

That I’ll die NO

I said great what he like is

He’s sing he’s smart and I’ve known him my whole life

Still after all this time I’ve want to be his wife

God did I feel stupid

Thinking we were struck by cupid

I still wait here as a friend

Cause ill love you until the end

But your boe is pushing me away

“I know you’re up to something” he would say

I said “I know you think something is going on but there’s nothing to say”

Now you sit in your room and cry every day

And I realize what this is doing

Now your heart is brewing

I’m not a Christian but I still pray to god

“Her happiness is all I want

No matter the price no matter what the cost

Even if it is your heart I lost

Even if your heart fell into someone else hands

I cry at thought but then I stand I’ve been beaten and hurt

But your crying is the final blow

As I fall in the dirt

Every night I still pray even if your love for me is blow away

Every day I text and talk to hear that your boe has come and gone

To hear that you’re crying

My heart screams I’m dying

My heart feels colder than snow

Even though in my heart I already know

Every time I help her up that’s just one more step away

That’s a promise that I made to myself

Your love is more important than mine

And I’ll accept it, that’s just fine

I wake up in the morning thinking of you

Even though the thought breaks me in two

I try and try to make you happy

But when he’s not here so you feel crappy

My family says your killing yourself helping her

But I don’t care what they say they don’t understand

The feeling I get from seeing you smile

It makes me feel like I am happy but only for a while

Until he’s gone

And your hearts gone wrong

Then you sit and stare

Mess up your hair

Cry sigh

Scream and gleam

I call and say cheer up pls

But every day it gets harder and harder

Depression is growing

Blood is not flowing

Could you believe that I still grieve

Wiping my tears with my sleeve

All I wish for you princess of the snow is that your love will show

You’ll find someone who will hold you when you cry

Enjoys watching you fly even from the ground

Every night I still pray that you could say that I’ve found him I’ve found the one

The one that fills my life with meaning in fact my heart is still beating

He’s been here helping me all along but then my thought goes wrong

I go back to my usual and praying for her happiness

Girl with skin as white as snow

I just want you to know

Ill love you till the end of time

I hold your hand though the journey called life

And that I love you

Goodnight my sleeping beauty  

© Copyright 2018 tyler miller. All rights reserved.

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